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#731: Post by mikel »

I've been happy with Gábor's piston kits since they help with pressure consistency. They come with a piston and pressure gauge. It definitely requires some body position to leverage things up to 8-9 bar, but it isn't too bad. For 6-7 it's pretty comfortable. That's been my experience. I don't always use the gauge, sometimes I just adjust to how my shot is pulling (how bad did I mess up puck prep today?). I've had some pucks break down pretty quick and between easing off and cutting it a little short they've been salvageable.


#732: Post by Espressoman007 »

then it's a pressure gauge, ok, that's what I thought. Seems more natural, with the position of the body and force required I believe that it's not more painful than tamping where the position of the body is completely awkward (I hope so).

Is there an explanation why Strietman doesn't have a pressure gauge as the part of the machine, besides aesthetics? Robot got one and Flair too, how come Strietman doesn't?


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#733: Post by Idfixe »

Personally, gauge was great to start and learn the "feel" for what is 8 bars vs 6... don't look at it as much, I adapt to the flow of the espresso... so not needed by all. Also there are other tools (electronic) that others may offer.


#734: Post by generok »

Hello, I'm considering ordering Strietman basket for my ROK.. which is using 49.8mm basket and I've heard that Strietman's are good.
Can you guys tell me what is the outer rim's(rolled opening) diameter? I'm not sure it'll fit my PF or not.
my PF's widest edge is 59mm, raised spot that basket sits are 56mm wide and about 2mm tall.

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#735: Post by danetrainer »

The Streitman basket I use in my Cremina measures 58.0 mm (-.04mm variance) of the outer diameter of this rolled edge, the inner minimum measure of the upper area of the basket is 50.0mm (-.10mm variance).

They are a tight fit in the Cremina, mainly if you try to install the pf squarely up into the housing opening where the locking lugs are, if you angle the pf slightly as you insert it, it will install normally with no issues.

I'm not sure about the ROK as I've never used one, but I suspect you wouldn't have any figment issues.


#736: Post by generok »

Million Thanks for kind reply!
It really helped!

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#737: Post by Marco4hand »

Has any one found an alternative to a "factory" piston o seal ? I have multiples of the other maintenance pieces on hand, seems a waste (as far as shipping) for a single, small piece.

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#738: Post by truemagellen » replying to Marco4hand »

ur referring to the center 'valve' seal or the piston ones that are now white? (elektra mcal is equivalent on those)

i'll try to make a measurement of the center ones, i have a replacement and will check mcmaster carr for an equivalent

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#739: Post by Marco4hand »

yes, the "center valve seal that I see pictured as white on the Strietman website in the complete maintenance kit

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#740: Post by Marco4hand »

Reached out to Woulter. Replacement center valve seals on their way!