Orphan Espresso leveling tool for Cafelat Robot

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#1: Post by nameisjoey »

Just saw Doug and Barb released a leveling puck rake specifically for the Cafelat Robot. Looks like a simple tool that definitely can improve the workflow, whether you WDT or not. Priced well also, given there are so few accessories for the robot (and really so few needed) this is something I'll have to pick up to try out.

Curious what everyone else's thoughts are on this?

OE Website listing: https://www.oehandgrinders.com/oe-level ... robot.html

OE IG demo: https://www.instagram.com/p/CcUCTANJr4C ... JmNzVkMjY=

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#2: Post by mborkow »

Thank you for posting! It's exactly what I was looking for but was too lazy to 3d print (and I'm sure the OE tool will be nicer too).


#3: Post by ziptie »

How is that a leveling tool?

Also, it would be nice if a sheath/holder were included to protect the needles from damage/bending when stowed...and from skewering oneself.


#4: Post by vit »

It is a leveling tool as per definition from Orphan espresso

"This is NOT a WDT Tool because it does not go all the way to the bottom of the basket - it is a Leveling Tool"

So the conclusion is, no WDT tool is actually a WDT tool unless you go to the bottom ... :D

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ziptie wrote:How is that a leveling tool?
Because it levels the bed. Leveling tools don't all have to be the chisel spinny style.

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#6: Post by yakster »

I have a real simple routine with my Robot, grind, tamp, pull. No WDT, but I do pay attention to make sure that the Cafelat Robot tamper is level and spin it before tamping and I'm happy with my results.

That being said, I'm tempted by this based on the low cost and the simplicity of the design. I put one in my cart around midnight last night but changed my mind. I'm going to mull it over for now, but I'm tempted to try it. I would probably just store it in a cup or the filter basket with the tines inside.

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yakster wrote:...I do pay attention to make sure that the Cafelat Robot tamper is level and spin it before tamping...
I understand why one would twist the tamper after tamping. But what is spinning before tamping supposed to do?

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#8: Post by yakster »

Levels the bed.

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#9: Post by jpender »

Does it work?

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#10: Post by Ken5 »

That looks really cool! Might be a nightmare to store as I bet those pins bend easily. Probably works best when they are straight, but probably not that big of a deal. EDIT... thinking about it probably safe to store in the basket since it locks in..

I got pretty good with the levercraft WDT Tool in leveling the bed. I have resisted the self leveling tamper as I believe it probably presses down level, but if the coffee is not uniform I bet it creates more dense areas. I might break down at some point and give this a try though. Looking forward to seeing comments here from those that use it.