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I am having challenges finding the threads that focus on the Olympia Express «Cremina»

Please be so kind to share links. thank you kindly

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#2: Post by HB »

There isn't a dedicated forum for the Cremina, but the native search is helpful if you restrict the search to (a) only the Lever forum, (b) "cremina" in the topic title, and (c) display results as threads, like this. That yields around 650 matches. You can then search within those results, if you have more specific questions.
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Hey Emmet,

Welcome to HB!

The search function on HB is pretty powerful. Here's how I'd look for what you are searching:

And here are the results:
Search "Cremina" Topic titles in "Lever Espresso Forum"

Note that I checked the radio box for topic titles only, and I limited the search to the "Lever Espresso Machines" forum.


- Jake

(And of course, Dan beat me to it :lol: Great minds?)
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#4: Post by jwCrema »

There are 929 posts in the Repairs forum using the same search criteria.


#5: Post by waves »

There's a lot of threads, it's a bummer that there was never a user experience thread as it would have been much easier to navigate. Is it too late to create one now?

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#6: Post by Jeff »

I'm not sure threads that are thousands of posts long are of much value. They seem to become chat channels that recycle the same things over and over, rather than being readable and consumable. At least in my opinion, use search to see if your question has already been addressed. If not, start a new thread with a meaningful topic. "Problem with Cremina", BTW, isn't meaningful.

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#7: Post by HB »

I agree with Jeff, separate threads focusing on a specific question are more likely to attract helpful, specific responses versus a catch-all thread. See How do I ask a good question? for other helpful tips on creating search-friendly subjects.
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#8: Post by Shakespeare »

I also questioned the idea of an individual area for Olympia an awhile back.

The response I received is still relevant today.
I wrote:Lastly, why has my post caused some people to not just let it be. What is so wrong to have an area in the Lever section for Cremini owners old and new to share their experiences of using their old style espresso machines.
My idea might not work, and most likely it won't without a special delineated area set aside for us, but why not give it a chance.
The "some people" you referred to are moderators of this site... and I think they're trying to gently discourage a big catchall thread when it will inevitably rehash things that have been discussed dozens of times before. I really think it's all here if you go looking for it.
My own experience: I bought an old Cremina in completely non-working condition last year, and was able to do a complete rebuild and buy all necessary parts and accessories purely from searching for info. I did not need to ask any new questions, I just needed to go looking for the previous threads on the topic. I will caveat this with the fact that the new model grouphead has some very minor differences, however the similarities definitely outweigh the differences.

My recommendation: if you have very specific questions, just ask them as they come up! Either here, in a new thread, or via private message. There's also a discord server called "espresso aficionados" that has a lever machine thread - I mention this because their format is a lot more informal back-and-forth discussions, and they have a few members who in my experience answer questions pretty quickly. Hope that is helpful.

Emmet1937 (original poster)

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Thank you. I guess I am confused why there can't be a specific "Olympia Cremina" Group in the Lever Machine areas? Moderators please advise and this is very normal request in forums. Thank you kindly to all for your other responses and directions. It would be great to not have to search every time and get 650 posting responses rather join a group and view the most recent posts. Kind regards


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There is a Facebook group dedicated to Creminas