Olympia Cremina Without Dipper Tube

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I just got another Cremina to rebuild and noticed, after pulling the group to add a teflon seal, that it lacked a dipper tube. I have a spare, but I'm wondering how this machine can draw water into the group without this tube. The machine is in great shape and was allegedly used fairly recently. Is it just pressure that drives the water through?

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What year is your Cremina? The post 2011 ones don't have a dipper tube, but I've heard the tube is inside the boiler and comes right up to the place where the group attaches to the head. Maybe though there is no dipper tube on the new model Creminas. I haven't examined mine carefully to tell, but I can assure you it functions just fine.
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This one is from 1989, and has the threaded hole in the group where a dipper tube would go.

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Maybe someone ran it until recently, took it apart to service it and forgot the dipper tube. Don't leave home without one unless you've reinvented gravity or like high pressure steam brewing.

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That's what I feared. Guess I'll have to send the seller a little note.

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Your note could say the machine doesn't work so you want a discount price :lol:
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Mine is a 2012 model and also does not have a dipper tube. I bought it new, so it never had one. But it works.

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Finally got around to making a dipper tube for the Cremina.
1. Bought some 8mm copper pipe and a 1/8 BSP to 8mm compression fitting.

2. Bent the copper tube.

3. Cut off a little excess.

4. Attached the fitting.

5. Cut to the proper length.

6. Works like a charm.