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Unfortunately it doesn't quite work that way with the SL group. Olympia claims you can pull shots 17 minutes after turning the machine on. With the manual group, simply pumping the lever up and down can be used to raise the group temp to the desired level without using up water. After coming up to pressure, the SL is only at 30 C. The only way to raise the group temp is to engage the lever so that a few drips falls from the shower screen. Doing this repeatedly raises the temp to an appropriate level.....with the caveat that you still end up using a quarter of the water in the boiler. The temp also quickly drops while you prepare your shot, requiring yet another quick flush before pulling the shot. A much better option is to put the machine on a timer so that it has been on a full hour before using it. No problem if you live in North America, but in Europe the machine has a timer that shuts the unit off after an hour as an energy saving tactic. This is definite a drawback of the SL compared to the manual group.

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I'd keep both. You essentially get both Cremina versions for the price of one (plus whatever you paid for the additional group).


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Fwiw, I have both and plan to keep them! I prefer the manual most of the time, but the spring is easier when I'm likely to be multitasking (I just wish I had a shot-stopper..). Right now I'm changing whenever service is needed on one.

I tend to use caffe lasso beans, and I've been quite happy with the same pstat on both, but adjusting the grind to compensate for the difference in preinfusion and pressure, etc. I may also just not have a very refined palate :)
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