Olympia Cremina steam valve repair or replace?

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The steam valve on my secondhand 2015 Cremina has never been great. Recently it has degraded though. I have ordered a washer rebuild kit but I'm concerned the valve itself needs replacing. Here are a couple of pictures of it extended and compressed and the difference is only a few millimetres:

When I compare with the picture of orphanespresso rebuilding theirs:

the valve head is all the way against the threads when compressed. They have an older model I think (looking at the rest of the valve) but it seems analogous. I have not ever taken mine apart before so underneath the washer on the end (that I think orphanespresso call a bibb washer) they imply there's a screw. I'm hoping that the screw can control the amount of travel the valve has but I have my doubts.

Does anyone have any insight into my valve travel? Can I repair it or should I buy a whole new valve?

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I don't have the new version, but I would expect that if yours worked well previously it's simply time to change out the consumable parts. You don't need a lot of travel to control steam.

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You have to replace the thick black ring gasket at the front. It's usually difficult to get it out but the new gasket will be thicker and reach further out. The problem with those valves on olympia machines is that they are hand built and you often can't put a valve from another machine on yours. This proobably also explains the different look of the one from orphan espresso.

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I wouldn't worry about the valve. They are not serviceable parts. Changing the cylinder end seal will solve it.

In the meantime, if you unscrew then remove the cylinder seal and flip it around, it'll work again. You can use it till the other side is not sealing anymore, so for quite a while.

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Thanks all for the advice! I'll service it when my seal kit arrives and see how it performs afterwards.