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I finally decided to tear down the group head. The post by GFride was a great start but I could not see how the piston would fall while the handle was attached and if the handle was removed then there was no method for slowly allowing the piston to drop under the pressure of the spring. I decided to put a neoprene washer between the nut and group head so that I wouldn't scratch the chrome while loosening the nut.

I loosened the nut very slowly and as I got near the top of the threading I could see that the piston was pushing down on the shower screen and the group gasket edges were now exposed. I was easily able to use a pick to initially pull it out but it managed to tear as I pulled on it..... it really is very delicate so I'm going to have a couple on hand.

Here is the pick I used....

The shower basket required no special tools as it was very loose and I could use my fingers to remove it. At this point the piston is too far down for the Piston Tool to be inserted into the portafilter mount so I had to raise the piston with the nut on the top of the group head. Then I inserted the piston tool and removal was very easy.

I added additional silicone grease to the seals and the inside of the piston opening and proceeded to re-assemble. The black Piston Tool attachment is used to facilitate the insertion of the piston into the Piston Tool. Without it the upside down seal would be very difficult to get inside the tool. It's important to orient the pin openings so that they align with the openings of the group head otherwise the pins cannot be inserted. The Piston Tool rotates 45 degrees clockwise once inserted into the portafilter mount so keep that in mind.

I purchased two handle pins that don't require snap rings. I found them on ETSY and would not be without them!!

I ran a couple of test shots through and everything is working as before.

Here are some of the tools that I feel are mandatory. BE SURE to use tape on the group head so that you don't scratch the chrome!!

Hope this is helpful for anyone wanting to contemplate this....

Victor B.

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Thanks, Excellent.
Your the first person that has provided what steps, Need to be accomplished using the New special tool for the Cremina SL.
There have been others using modified C clamps. But this sounds like it's a better option.


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vjbelle wrote:Great.... but did you remove the group seal first or does your method remove or allow the easily removal of the group seal? AISI that is paramount to the removal of the shower screen.
You don't need to remove the portafilter gasket first. The piston will push the shower screen and the gasket off together. It won't push them completely off if my memory serves, but it's far enough that you can get it off either with your hands or a blunt object that doesn't muck things up. It doesn't hurt to have a set of o-ring removal picks to get the gasket and piston seals off without damaging anything.

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In retrospect I believe I could have saved my group seal if I had raised the piston (by screwing the bolt on the top of the group head) to allow more room for removal. No matter what the piston does have to be raised to allow space for the Piston Tool.

Victor B.