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Yeah, my 2020 Cremina is set for .8-.9 and every once in a while races up to 1.2 -1.3 bars and then settles back down. It's a bit disconcerting but seems infrequent and it corrects itself, so far at least.
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My SL wound up to 1.7 once, freaked me out, but haven't seen it do it again, although I'm not always looking at it and have it on for about 2-3 hours in the morning
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pcdawson (original poster)

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I think you hit the nail square in the head there - unless you obsessively watch every cycle of the boiler I suspect most of us would miss the occasional deadband overshoot.


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You could try to source one of the original Olympia Pstats. they are a bit bulky, and might be a tight fit. but they are very sensitive. i have a hysteresis of less than 0.1 bar (swings between 0.7-0.8 on my Olympia Club). they contain a copper bellow which is not actually made of copper, but of 'unobtainium'. once your copper bellow leaks, the whole pstat turns into a strange paperweight. but as long as they work, they work great!
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pcdawson (original poster)

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Yes, I've heard and seen those pstats in older posts. It strikes me as funny that they create a machine that is built for a small eternity - only to put a $37 pstat in it......

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newbie question but how are you folks measuring and monitoring your pstats? Is this problem unique to the SL or does it also carry over into the non-SL versions?
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pcdawson (original poster)

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Speaking for myself, I just happened to be prepping a shot when I noticed the pressure gauge had overshot the machines deadband. So I kept an eye on the gauge whenever I noticed the boiler cycling to see where the needle went. Searching the HB forums has led me to conclude that these mater pstats vary a lot in terms of variation in deadband and lifespan. CEME pstats also seem to be a little quirky, from what I've read. So no, I don't think it is unique to the SL - just to this type of pstat. It does seem to be the SL's weakest link, though.