Olympia Cremina shower screen

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#1: Post by Tuco »

At some point Olympia started putting in a gasket to hold the shower in place while in the group. The earlier models didn't have this. The shower would just snap in. Does anyone know what year that change occurred?


#2: Post by nirdvorai »

I don't know at which year Olympia changed the shower screen, but if it helps, my Cremina was 83' with pop out screen.
What I do know is that not all the pop out screens crated equally. Some are more refine with much precaise holes pattern, which give smoother stream of water when flush the gruop head.


#3: Post by Tuco »

That actually helps a lot thank you. Mine's a 76 and I can't seem to get the shower out. It looks like is seated with a rubber gasket. Can you tell me how you get your shower out?

Freddy Camacho

#4: Post by Freddy Camacho »

With the piston out. Using any non blunt rubberised thing you have, Gently knock it down from the top.


#5: Post by mikel »

Rod, will yours pop out using pressure from the piston?
From videos, I took out the lever pin that holds the piston, lifted the lever over the top of the piston rod (After removing the top screws), put the lever pin back into the lever, lined it up so it would push down on the too of the piston rod, and then pulled on the lever. Mine's an '81.


#6: Post by nirdvorai »

You can use this method:

https://www.orphanespresso.com/Olympia ... 549-1.html

And also follow the videos. This is the best guide to refurbish the Cremina.
Be gentle with the screen, it is pretty rare part to score for the Cremina. Also, you can't remove the piston without removing the screen.


#7: Post by Tuco »

Thanks everyone I appreciate all the info. It's a huge help!