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Avi Fischer

#21: Post by Avi Fischer »

I have no problems with temperature, the unit does not seem to mind a few minutes of heat.

All the hardware was from a local ACE hardware store.

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#22: Post by Papaquebec »

I just bought this wand-tip gauge from Orphan Espresso; http://www.orphanespresso.com/index.php ... ts_id=1097
It was easy and worked great right out of the box.

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#23: Post by nmalnati »

This post is very interesting. I just tested the machine using an Ashcroft boiler cap pressure gauge and .8 to 1 BAR was exactly what I chose for my settings.

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#24: Post by michaelbenis »

About pressurestat settings: I much prefer the recommendations I've always had for my Cremina, which are to set it to cycle between 0.7 and 0.8 This works well for a range of beans. I find the Elektra pretty similar, only it cycles over a larger range from just under 0.7 to around 0.9. Overall temperature management is much easier at these settings. I find and you get a sweater, fuller shot on the Cremina in particular, and with the Elektra I still get good layering of Ethiopian single-origins. Neither seem to suffer much as far as steaming is concerned, but I only use steam for the occasional guest.


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