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adamzero wrote:two more questions:
2. how do you clean your shower screen? it was an ordeal, after scraping off the thick layer, i had to scrape out each hole with a pin, and it still wasn't squeaky clean. there must be a better way. i tried stiff brushes and toothbrushes but they didn't do the trick.

(thanks for being so nice everyone)
Easy off oven cleaner sprayed on and let it set in a plastic bag for an hour or two. It dissolves baked on grime pretty well.

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adamzero wrote:two more questions:
1.something I've been wondering: wouldn't the "Fellini" technique pull a lot more grinds and oils up past the screen, and accelerate the fouling process?
Yes. Just another reason not to do it!


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I wished olympia modified their group so it would be possible to use the 49mm IMS screen. It doesn't get caked like the Cremina shower does. Anyways...

No problem at all doing Fellini's with a puck screen. I often do a half Fellini on my La Pavoni's and use to do it on my old Olympia Club, with a puck screen.
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Do you flush the group after each use.? It might help. Or when placing the portafilter make sure your lever is at least half way up.