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petcmc wrote:
One thing I have noticed is that my second pull of the day is always harder and pre-infusion takes longer. I use same amount of coffee (15gm) etc. Must be something to do with the temperature, the shot is good but harder to pull - any thoughts?

Could be temp related. Try flushing to temp above target temp and then cooling down to pull temp for your first shot. Also, the temp of your portafilter will affect the group temp so try to keep that consistent.

A digital readout of real time group temp that you get with a thermocouple is very helpful. For me, I pull a shot when the temp reads 196. On pre-infusion the temp jumps to 205 and then drops to 201-2 during my 15-20 second pre-infusion and stays there for the duration of the pull. I am doing 14 in 16 out in about 1 minute with lighter roasts but even if you are doing 2/1 dark or 2.5/1 light the info will help you get more consistent.

As far as this hobby goes it is an inexpensive add on that is unobtrusive and easily undone if you feel you don't need it once you have learned your machine.
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I unboxed my brand new Cremina last Friday-and then promptly tripped the thermostat safeguard when I plugged it in on an empty tank without realizing that the rocker switch was set to "on." After getting that fixed, I started playing with it. This is the result of my third shot. Not bad, if I do say so. (The first two had some channeling issues.) I am using Klatch WBC espresso, roasted week before last.