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#31: Post by Chert »

mdmvrockford wrote:T
"if there is no picture or video then it did not happen" :lol: , I
right! Show us that Cremina. !!!!!
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#32: Post by mdmvrockford »

To Chert, I did post picture of Cremina in OP petcmc other thread on Cremina purchase.
Olympia Cremina Purchase

To OP petcmc, please keep us updated as needed and hopefully we can get you to great espresso quicker. Or perhaps like others you will enjoy element of trial and error.
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#33: Post by Chert » replying to mdmvrockford »

I was just seconding your request to the OP. petcmc promised a picture of the new Cremina, and we haven't seen one yet
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#34: Post by LBIespresso »

Just another "hang in there" voice.

My cremina was my first ever espresso machine. In all of the time I have had it, which is a little less than 4 years, I have looked at upgrading countless times. Each time I came to the same conclusion: I have not found a machine that will give me a better result. The DE1 is decent competition (pun intended) because it can profile just like the cremina with even more consistency but does not appeal to my aesthetic ideal or preference for manual control. The Bosco/Londinium type of spring lever would again add consistency and are beautiful but also make it tougher to get the control I have with a manual lever. There are also some sweet machines out there like Slayer/Synesso etc...

I don't intend for this to take this thread down the path of the battle of the espresso machines but only mention my experience to tell the OP that throughout my ownership my eyes have strayed but never my heart.

Stick with it and you will be rewarded!

For reference I bought mine new from Cerini, got Naked Portafilter Gabor's pressure kit, added thermometry on the bell with gear from Thermoworks, and use the WDT tool from Levercraft. I had great experiences with all of those businesses and found them all super helpful with my journey.
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petcmc (original poster)

#35: Post by petcmc (original poster) »

This is this mornings 2nd shot - looking good and very pleased with my progress pulling shots. Yes there is a learning curve. Thanks for continuing support!!


petcmc (original poster)

#36: Post by petcmc (original poster) »

Also here is the dream machine just out of box and on the launching pad!

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#37: Post by beer&mathematics »

Congrats on the machine! What a looker :mrgreen:

How is the espresso progressing?
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petcmc (original poster)

#38: Post by petcmc (original poster) »

Shots are getting better every day!

For me I turned the corner when I took incorporated pre-infusion in a real way. 12 - 15 seconds and the drip stars and then I pull. One thing I have noticed is that my second pull of the day is always harder and pre-infusion takes longer. I use same amount of coffee (15gm) etc. Must be something to do with the temperature, the shot is good but harder to pull - any thoughts?



#39: Post by LObin » replying to petcmc »

What grinder do you use again?

Can you give us a quick walk through of your routine?
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#40: Post by drgary »

You might have grinder retention. Are you weighing the grounds you put in the portafilter after grinding and before pulling the shot?

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!