Olympia Cremina 67 and La Pavoni share identical parts?

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Can any one here confirm that the Cremina 67 and La Pavoni manual lever use the same c-clip/washer and cup bushing for the piston shaft?

It would save me some hassle if I can use some LP parts on hand for a Cremina rebuild.

Thanks in advance.

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i am pretty certain that they will fit. they also need the washer with the holes.

i tried to use stainless steel clips, they did not fit the groove, the stamping process deforms the edges. the proper spring steel clips are very slim, but spring steel is prone to rusting.

you can whittle down the thickness of a stainless steel clip, though.
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#3: Post by mborkow »

I believe older LPs (from the 60s and early 70s) do use the same hardware/seals for the group and piston.

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Yes, LPs until the early 70s used a similar group gasket to the Cremina67. But I'm pretty sure that the piston seals are totally different in diameter and thickness in the LPs and Cremina67.
I'm also pretty sure that LP piston seals and upper group seal/e-clip/washer have remained unchanged from the 60s to today, as has the piston diameter for all models.

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Was able to use the LP upper group c-clip, washer and cup seal on the Cremina 67 without issue- Clip rotated freely in channel. I also just noticed that OE lists them as the same parts for both brands.
I compared measurements on cylinders and pistons from 3 Europiccolas (v 1.7, premil, postmil) and a 89 Cremina 67. LPs were all identical. Between LP and Cremina, pistons were close in height and width. Cremina piston OD was 0.4 mm wider, and seal channel diameter was 0.7 mm wider The major difference was the channel height; 7.1mm on the Cremina vs. 6mm on the LPs. Difference in cylinder diameters was same as piston OD difference (0. 4mm), and clearance between piston and cylinder walls was 0.4mm on both.
Also piston rod was identical in diameter and top thread on both, but Cremina rod was a bit longer.