Olympia Cremina 1968 weird aftertaste!

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Hello hello,
My first post here!

I just got my very first Olympia Cremina. The model is from 1968. I got it almost new, it was sitting in some old person's house for many years.
Made a decalcification with Durgol based on Olympia online protocol. Cleaned portafilter, baskets and grouphead gasket, shower screen.

I pulled my first Ethiopian shots. They were excellent after the third try. I am truly amazed, I expecting a month of trial and errors. But .... Because there is a but ....

:?: There is a definite aftertaste. It's hard to define. It's a mixture of old and stuffy. Also if I smell the water pulled through I do have an old rubber scent. And if I am picky, the acidity of my Ethiopian shots were slightly metallic. :?:

I will of course replace all the different rubbers with silicones from Naked-Portafilter.

Anything else that I should look or be worried for?

Fine muscle powered espressi!

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I'm no expert, but since no one else has chimed in so far...

Old and stuffy aspect: cleaning the grouphead and replacing all seals there should help.

Metallic aspect: could the boiler just be slightly too clean after the recent descaling? I believe it needs some time to redevelop the protective oxide coating.

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Grrr (original poster)

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Thanks for the reply.
Makes sense.
I am just about to order new silicon gaskets and more toys for my cremina from coffee-sensor.com

Fine muscle powered espressi!

LMWDP #719