Olympia Club Pressure Sensor Thread Size for Transducer

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Before I open up my machine, does anyone know what thread size the pressure stat is on the Olympia Club?

Cerini states 3/8 at https://www.cerinicoffee.com/products/o ... lub-coffex but that is not a thread size.

Perhaps it is 1/4" BSPP per Attaching a pressure gauge to the Olympia Cremina

At the end of the day, I want to add a pressure transducer to the system, so I'll likely need to add a tee to accomplish that.

Anyone add a transducer to the club yet?


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I am curious - why do you want a transducer for boiler pressure?
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Ocran (original poster)

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Glad you asked! This is the start of a data acquisition project on my '72 Olympia Club. Along with the pressure transducer I'll be adding at least two thermocouples, one on the boiler and on on the group head.

After I collect a enough data to validate my heat transfer equations I'll likely start writing a controller for the machine which will use the pressure transducer as a feedback signal to cycle the heating element.

Ocran (original poster)

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Based on the broken pstat,

It measures out to be a 1/4 BSPP based on a thread pitch of 19 and a major thread diameter of about 13 mm.