Olympia Club Gasket Mystery

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#1: Post by Tillamook »

I am in the middle of replacing all gaskets on an Olympia Club, and wondering if there is or is not a gasket at the top of the group head (Piston Shaft). The schematics I have found show nothing, but my group head appears to have something resembling a gasket baked into a channel around the shaft.

Thank you


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You mean item 14?

Tillamook (original poster)

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Yes it would be 14, but your schematic is for a Cremina


#4: Post by kalo925 »

In this restoration it doesn't look like there is a seal. The top seal on the piston typically takes care of that area I'd think.


Just looks like a brass sleeve or guide at the top?


Don't really see anything in the gasket kit he said was purchased.

Olympia Club Restoration DIY Rebuild


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Yes, I'm sorry! I forgot you asked about a club.
As far as I know the brewhead of the club remains dry in the spring area above the upper piston gasket (the top one of the three black gaskets).

Tillamook (original poster)

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I agree, Thank you for the help, I will keep cleaning and see if I can figure out what somebody put in mine. Thanks


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Was just thinking frances coceccarelli's website is great for understanding parts too.

http://www.francescoceccarelli.eu/Macch ... ub_eng.htm