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edit: to make things easier to access I am modifying this post include links to each machine thread (if I made one), in order of acquiring them top to bottom along with the date I first received them.

JUN 2017 - 1991 La Pavoni Professional
DEC 2017 - 1991 Elektra Micro Casa a Leva (no longer in my possession)
OCT 2018 - 2018 Bosco Sorrento 1 group Unboxing the Bosco Sorrento
FEB 2019 - 1979 Gaggia LL/Tell 2 group 2 Group Gaggia Tell Restoration [Finished]
MAY 2019 - 1964 Faema President 2 group Restoration of a 1964 2nd Series Faema President [Finished]
JAN 2020 - 1977 Faema Zodiaco 2 group New Find: Faema Zodiaco
MAY 2020 - 1963 Faema Faemina Faema Faemina Second Series Brown Handle Refurb [Finished]
SEP 2020 - 1957 Faema Mercurio Faema Mercurio 3rd Series Tall Group [Finished]
DEC 2020 - 1981 Boema Lever 2 group Australian Bo-Ema 2 Group Lever
MAR 2021 - 1963 Faema Lambro Restoration of a 1963 Faema Lambro [Finished]
MAR 2021 - 1967 La Pavoni P67 1 group, small 5L boiler Restoration of a La Pavoni P67
JUL 2021 - 1962 Faema Urania 1 group 1962 Faema Urania Refurb
JUL 2021 - 1960's Campeona Modello 8 'Bambina' 1st Series Campeona Modello 8 Refurb
AUG 2021 - 1956 Gaggia Internazionale 1 group 1956 Gaggia Internazionale 1 Group
SEP 2021 - 1953 Gaggia Classica 1 group 1953 Gaggia Classica 1 Group
DEC 2021 - 1977 Bezzera Family 1977 Bezzera Family
FEB 2022 - 1957 Faema Marte 1 group 1957 Faema Marte 53mm group
JUN 2022 - 1967 (Circa) La San Marco Tipo 6X 1967 La San Marco Tipo 6X
JUN 2022 - 1976 La San Marco Tipo 75 1976 La San Marco Tipo 75 two group
JUN 2022 - 1977 La Cimbali Eleva 1974 La Cimbali Eleva
JAN 2023 - 1955 Early Conti Lever (like Paul Pratt's)
APR 2023 - 1980 La Pavoni Eurobar 1980 La Pavoni Eurobar
AUG 2023 - 1958 La Cimbali Gran Luce Automatica 1958 La Cimbali Gran Luce Automatica (Hydraulic)
AUG 2023 - 1950's La Cimbali Rubino 1st series The Hudson Valley Collection
AUG 2023 - 1956 La Cosmo Hydraulic (extremely rare, may be one in the world) The Hudson Valley Collection
AUG 2023 - 1959 Gaggia America w/red plastic back The Hudson Valley Collection
AUG 2023 - 1956 Faema Urania w/cooling valves The Hudson Valley Collection
AUG 2023 - 1962 Faema President w/E61 glass The Hudson Valley Collection

Upcoming machines (confirmed as purchased and to be shipped)

La Pavoni Brasilia

(long term, not sure when these will get shipped)
Faema E64
Gaggia America
Gaggia Orione
La Dorio Olimpica

Faema FP
Quickmill Omre
Gaggia S.A. x 2
Gaggia S.B.
Macodbar small
Eureka Olympus 75 HS
Malwani Livi
Lido E

End edit

Based on a suggestion from grind727, I am posting a thread to catalogue all of my machines I have owned at some point, though currently I posses just about all of them still. I will post them in order I obtained the machine. If there is something of note on the back side of the machine (from the operator's standpoint) I will post a photo as well of the back. Photo quality may vary since some of these photos were taken at different times. Photos may be updated if the opportunity presents itself.

La Pavoni 1991

Elektra Micro Casa a Leva 1991. A fun fact about this one is it was very likely made the same day as Francesco Ceccarelli's Elektra MCaL, off by ~10 digits on the serial tag.

Bosco Sorrento 2018

Gaggia LL (Also known as Tell) 1979. This machine will not being anywhere since the late OldNuc was such a help on this one as this was my first big restore.

Faema E98 2007 (no longer in my possession)

Faema President 1964, holds the distinction as the closest machine I bought, being 5 minutes away.

Faema Zodiaco 1977, a near second to closest machine at 10 minutes away.

Faema Faemina 1963, the cheapest machine I have paid for since it was literally in pieces.

Faema Mercurio 1957, the most expensive machine I have paid for. This is original condition, before restore. The plexiglass top and emblem are replicas though.

Boema 1960's/70's

And a nicer pic of my little dudes
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#2: Post by EthanL »

That's wonderful! Appreciate your sharing Ryan :D


#3: Post by cccpu »

Awesome collection Ryan! Always love seeing your Bosco, that orange art glass above your station is really stellar and completes the setup beautifully!
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Very nice Ryan!
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Life goals. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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Super cool! Thanks for sharing. Had no idea you had so many machines! Keep it up :lol:
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I love the use of the europiccola for scale ;) And I dearly want to try out a spring level machine even more now!
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Good show Ryan. You've got some big machines there. Where do you store them?
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I currently have six machines in the dining room, two in the car from today's trip, and two in the basement!
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Thanks for sharing, Ryan. I enjoyed seeing these.
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