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#521: Post by davidhunternyc »

Great debate. I'm still sticking with my guns and I want to see a shootout. Olympia Cremina vs. Odyssey Argos.


#522: Post by rockwell_ »

Thanks for the info and discussion here. It helped me pull the trigger on preorder on #318. Happy to see the number growing and I'm looking forward to January. However, January is not too far off and I put this order in half expecting a potential delay in manufacturing and delivery.

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#523: Post by bgn » replying to rockwell_ »

I think I'll be #319, or close to it. I read 28 pages of a Strietman thread and decided it wasn't for me. I agree that delays are probably inevitable, which wouldn't bother me, within reason. It's been pretty quiet on how the prototype testing is going, but I don't have an Instagram account.


#524: Post by renatoa »

I doubt a closed boiler machine can beat an open boiler, as temperature stability.
Also, I prefer smaller strietman group size to the standard 58, too easily adopted for home use without too much reasons.
However, I agree strietman is overpriced, for the manufacture involved, compared with Argos.

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#525: Post by Jeff »

It's been quiet on EAF as well, where there's a thread on the Argos. I'm not concerned as I'd rather have a properly vetted design coming out the gate.

I think the Strietman is a beautiful design and not outrageously priced. However, I'm looking for a spring lever.


#526: Post by Seoulenya »

What site is EAF? Is there more or different info there? I'm going kind of crazy waiting until January.

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#527: Post by jevenator »

Seoulenya wrote:What site is EAF? Are there any different tasks on info over there? I'm going kind of crazy waiting for zone info.
EAF stands for Espresso Aficionados which is a discord channel that you can join here: https://discord.gg/K8PvhCVKbw

Ross said almost a week ago now that ash parts are being made. We might see another update in a week or two.

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#528: Post by bgn » replying to jevenator »

"Ash" parts? I was going to sign up about a week or two ago and decided that I'd hold off to see one more update on his blog which he had said would be bi-weekly. I don't have whatever other platform that he may post on. But I also don't want to miss out on the pre-order.


#529: Post by ziptie » replying to bgn »

Ash, as in the wood [side panels].

The longer I wait on my Quick Mill machine (ordered in early Sept), the more likely I'll be to pull the trigger on an Argos. It's not that I'm in a hurry. However, as intrigued as I am about the Argos, and as tickled with levers over pump machines as I am...I may as well go with the latter if it's ready.


#530: Post by aonphleacs »

I made an account on this forum just to say... order number 333, here!
After much deliberation, this machine is going to be my first real espresso machine coming from a DeLonghi Nespresso. I'll probably buy a Niche Zero to go with this once my wallet stops throbbing ;P
Pretty excited to join the forum, actually. You guys all seem amazing. Now I just need to twiddle my thumbs for a few months and hope production doesn't get delayed by a year. *nervously swirls V60*