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#501: Post by coffeeOnTheBrain »

What kind of shower screen does the Argos use? I saw it was mentioned that it is a standard size, but didn't see which size. Is it e61 by any chance?


#502: Post by jevenator » replying to coffeeOnTheBrain »

Yah the E61 one without a screw held in place by gasket.

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#503: Post by coffeeOnTheBrain » replying to jevenator »

Thank you :)


#504: Post by Ah_J »

Hi forks, any bi-weekly update you've received?


#505: Post by thirdcrackfourthwave » replying to Ah_J »

There is not one posted in the 'Blog' section of the website. https://www.odysseyespresso.com/blog

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#506: Post by zix »

Confirmed, the one from the 21st is the latest one.
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#507: Post by renatoa »

"begins its odyssey" to convince they have the key of... golden crema... :D

https://dailycoffeenews.com/2021/10/14/ ... r-machine/

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#508: Post by davidhunternyc »

^^^ Well, some news is better than no news. But geeze, that thing look tiny. Still, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping to die that the Argos will be a Cremina beater.

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#509: Post by pizzaman383 »

If this I true "With the flip of a switch, the boiler heats rapidly up for steam production, then drops back to brewing temperature in less than a minute after the switch is flipped again - an advantage of having a smaller boiler, Ainsworth said." I'll be very impressed.
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#510: Post by r_coffee_newb »

I took a gamble and decided to pre-order this. This will be first "real" machine. I have a Flair Neo and have been having a lot of fun with the manual method, but hoping that this gives me that enjoyment without some of the tedious steps (heating the brew-head, throwing out the water, repeating).

I'm guessing I'll need to upgrade my grinder too. I've been eyeing the Niche Zero but its only available at super marked up prices where I am.