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Nope, I am a DIYer/builder, not an appliances buyer.
Straight from the shelf you can get a tire pressure monitor capable of 10-12 bars, not so easy to find, the popular models are limited to at 8 bars.
If you are low pressure brewer, like me, in the 5-6 bars range, then the 8 bars models are good.
Surely reliable enough with 100.000 miles life expectancy.
All you have to do is to adapt the tire sensor thread to your pressure tap thread.
For some of them the RF protocol is known, so an app to display values/graph can be developed.

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I've thought about this myself for experimental use but the materials in these sensors are not certified for food useand even if they are proper materials they are not designated as such.

Would they hold up to heat, steam, water? Perhaps.

There are sensors out there that require a board but not an all in one sealed package that are certified as compatible with food. Various sensors used in dairy system sterilization etc but almost all plug into a custom board or are several hundred dollars with built in wireless capability.

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Why do you need such certification, can be mounted to not interact with the brew water.
A steel elastic separating membrane can transmit pressure, but not water/temperature.
Actually, the sensor itself is built on this principle, a stainless steel diaphragm that change curvature due to pressure. Behind that diaphragm a magnetic Hall sensor senses the steel displacement and translate magnetic field change = distance, into pressure.

Temperature in a tire after a drift is surely in excess of hot water.
The normal tire temperature in a highway speed cruise mode is in the 70 C range.


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Frenchman wrote:Any word on who's going to get the review units and if the reviews will influence the first run of preorders, or only subsequent builds? (As someone who did preorder...)
Per Ross' Instagram post from Aug 26th- they are building 4 pre-production machines to be sent for reviews. He has not revealed who reviewers are, he just said that he'll be sharing the links as they come.

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By now, we should assume he has a handle on those experienced with lever machines. Not everyone in the coffee world has utilized levers, spring or manual. I'd also assume he might consult with Dan Kehn, whose long time association with home coffee enthusiasts and coffee professionals would be useful. I would nominate HB's "drGary", as experienced as anyone I know regarding both spring and manual levers.

Gary is also quite familiar with the mechanical workings of these beauties, and would have much to offer as to the operational characteristics of Ross' creation.Just my .02.
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IMAWriter wrote:I would nominate HB's "drGary", as experienced as anyone I know regarding both spring and manual levers.
If you're on FB or Discord maybe you can suggest that. He's pretty repsonsive so he will see it for sure.
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This is not an author/manufacturer initiated thread, nor a product promotion, so I don't think it needs a blessing or approval.
The author demonstrated already enough he knows what he is doing.

Influencing biased reviews are a plague of today world, imo, reducing the people desire to self educate.
Instead, more and more prefer delegating to others purchase decisions, due to lack of competence to judge a product.
This is not a kitchen appliance, to learn using by reading a manual. And suing manufacturer for the lack of "Hot surface, do not touch" labels.