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versusqc wrote:Thinking about ... I'm not sure I see the point of the wireless pressure sensor, any opinion on that?
Today the main buzzword in the coffee extraction is pressure profiling, so it has a lot sense... if related with a fair price...
The smart guys selling today profiling kits for classic machine charge more than 300 for such feature alone, which is a steal, imo... but hey, request and offer...


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I understand the benefits of having the pressure profile saved if it can be re-played, but in this case you do have to go through the motions every time to pull the shot, so is it just a difference interface to the same data, or does it really bring interesting insight post-pull and/or allow from real time coaching from the app?

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With the right software you can track the shot pressure against a previously saved profile while you are pulling the shot.
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Exactly, everything depends how is implemented the app.
If the author is wise enough to make the protocol open source, then we can have a breakthrough in this field... and a significant reason to increase interest for this platform, as a "decent" budget machine.


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If they have 5 pre-production units built and tested I think a few more videos almost VLOG style like Cafelat would do me good to determine my pre-order. Right now it's a bit nebulous with 5 second videos from Facebook and some words.


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per their instagram, they ran into some problems with the circuit boards, so are waiting to get that fixed, but should be posting a long(er) shot video tomorrow, and a full list of prices for options later this week


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I am intrigued by the Argos Lever. I hope they can provide some videos of actual usage with meaningful content. I'd love to see some demos with and without spring. One thing that bothered me a bit about the Weber Key launch was that you could glean more about their artistic aspirations than you could about the grinder itself.

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titan wrote:How would one go about descaling a lever machine that does not have a hot water knob? Should the solution pass through the group?
Don't descale if possible. Go with a water formula that comes in between 75-125 ppm....
I use both the Dr Pavlis formula...which is distilled water with a bit of potassium bicarbonate concentrate added. I also ordered the Espresso formula from Third Wave Water. I don't use it full strength. I keep the mineral content in my distilled to about 110ppm. Either way, you should NEVER have to descale your machine. I'd be happy to send you the Pavlis formula sheet if you PM me. Or, you can easily find it here. Dr Pavlis was a chemist who was a huge coffee fan..and a great gentleman.
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I descale my levers very seldom with a mild citric acid solution.

Boiler only for the heating element and definitely not the group.

I filter my water with a Peak Water Jug before...


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So I understand that prevention is better than cure. But the process is to fill in the boiler with a solution, turn on the element, after boiler is up to pressure let it cool down, and then somehow siphon out the water, right?