Odyssey Espresso (Argos Lever prototype)

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#1: Post by redbone »

New Denver based prosumer spring lever espresso machine on horizon.

https://www.instagram.com/p/B_Ddek7p_0x ... ONudJ_m34w

Specs here: https://www.odysseyespresso.com/argos- ... so-machine. Estimated price of $850.

FAQ: https://www.odysseyespresso.com/faq

I have no affiliation with the seller. Found out about machine via FB group from Claudio of Lever Fever group.
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#2: Post by michael_pl »

Whoa. That's pretty. Hopefully he can achieve his goal of an affordable option!

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#3: Post by Nunas »

Looks pretty. They cite 2-ounce shots from what looks like a very short-throw lever. How do they get a piston, seals, and a spring in that group and still pull 2-ounces? It must have a wide basket; 58mm would be nice to allow the use of stock e61 PFs.


#4: Post by belegnole »

michael_pl wrote:Whoa. That's pretty. Hopefully he can achieve his goal of an affordable option!
Well it is shiny, but something in the design looks a bit off to me. Maybe I'm too used to looking at certain other levers of a similar design. I also hope they can make a go of it.
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#5: Post by Jake_G » replying to belegnole »


Issues I see:
  • No thermal connection between the group and "boiler" (tell me it's not a thermoblock...)
  • Single dipper tube between group and "boiler" - no thermosyphon to heat the group in lieu of a direct connection.
  • Horizontal plate connection between group and body - no rigidity when pulling lever.
  • Pavoni-sized group contains a spring? If you say so...
Lots of issues here, but interesting all the same. Perhaps they have answers to these and other issues with their conceptual rendering.


- Jake
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#6: Post by JohnB. »

You can see the group broken down in one of the Instagram pics & the spring is shown. Looks like a spring lever Cremina at a very reasonable price. The Cremina works best with a thermal break between the boiler connection & group plus that top plate holding the group will be heated by the boiler. Considering the size of the spring I doubt that top plate will move when pulling shots. Looks pretty nice to me. If the price comes in anywhere near the $800 mentioned you can kiss the new & used Cremina market goodbye.

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#7: Post by Jake_G »

Right you are!

I retract my previous statements. It seems that there is not enough swept volume to pull a 2 oz shot, but I'm sure there is. The top plate being an extension of the boiler cap and incorporating the bayonet for the portafilter is pretty cool. I stand by your assessment, John. Thanks for pointing out the other photos. Just saw the one and jumped to conclusions (and it would seem they were not merited!).


- Jake

I just noticed that the spring is recessed into the piston, which is what is allowing such a compact group.


I'm on board.

This is cool.
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#8: Post by foam2 »

I am looking forward to this - been interested in experimenting and learning on a lever for some time.


#9: Post by Stanford55 »

Now THAT'S what I call cup clearance, yo! What an interesting machine, with temp control, 58mm, steam capability, and Strietman-esque profile. I'm digging the wood paneling too. Following this for sure!

JohnB. wrote:If the price comes in anywhere near the $800 mentioned you can kiss the new & used Cremina market goodbye.
Being an unofficial member of the Cremina Cult, I see nothing in this small startup that will effect the marketplace of fifty years of Swiss craftmanship :mrgreen:

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#10: Post by Chert »

When I first saw OE-1, I thought Doug and Barb had cooked up something exciting other than grinders.
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