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^^ Don't sell yourself short. Your thoughts are worth far more than 3¢.


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aonphleacs wrote:The thing about small projects is that they are always gambles. I have backed many projects on Kickstarter where my returns have been as products and I am an investor where my returns have been in currency.
Look at Decent, doesn't any one remember the ZPM or wtf it was called years and years ago that was essentially a flop and I think they people were using most of the $ for their "salaries". Till John/Decent took over and still took years more to fully bring out to what the DE1 ended up being.

Plus manufacturing and logistics is an absolute nightmare and cluster f' right now. Heck neighbors Tesla was just in shop for about 4 months for a rear hit that wasn't even bad, no parts, no panels, nothing, even the paint was on back order. I had to get the 10 speed in my truck replaced and took a month as Ford didn't even have stock of the torque convertor or clutch packs, now it's even longer, some have been waiting 3+ months, can't get parts. Pre covid a trans could be done in less than a week with anyone, even PDK unit with Porsche.

Buddy has a business in manufacturing in another sector and its been a nightmare, and killing them on cost last 12 months. I could only imagine the uphill battle for someone, and a small company like this in general, trying to get a product out to a very narrow target market. A lot of milling and facilities wouldn't even bother with something so small currently. Look at how delayed the big brands are or even someone like Londinium with the Compact


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davidhunternyc wrote:^^ Don't sell yourself short. Your thoughts are worth far more than 3¢.
Aw, thank you~
cmin wrote:Plus manufacturing and logistics is an absolute nightmare and cluster f' right now.
This is very very true. Even the projects that I have backed that were already completely figured out have run into numerous delays simply due to the current unreliability of the production facilities. Although, that does appear to be slowly regaining its traction. In any case, there's a good reason patience is considered a virtue.


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I just saw on the discord channel that the Argos article which was mentioned in the last email is out on coffeegeek blog.


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Great to see it getting more exposure. Wow! Hadn't been to Coffeegeek in years!

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Must be new owners of site? The interviewer didn't know what a dipper was which is a bit surprising.

Great interview though in terms of covering so much ground with Ross. The software and electronics seem to be the gem of the Argos platform.

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I thought the same thing. I was also surprised when he said he'd never heard of a home lever espresso machine with an option to plumb in.

But, a fun interview. Ross came across very well.

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It said that the author/writer is Mark Prince, right? I can't connect to the site to verify, but that's coffeegeek's founder and they have been around since 2001. Maybe he is not very into levers, but he does not lack experience in espresso.
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I pre-ordered back in October 2021, and it's now looking like April for the ship date. I've worked as a barista on La Marzocco and Kees machines, and crushed an Astoria Perla single group for pop-ups, but this will be my first foray into home espresso.

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