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LObin wrote:I don't know if it explains the temperature curve but in today's Arcps IG story, the brew temperature was set to 94c but the group temperature was (measured?) only 26c...

That could explain the huge temp drop intra-shot. But is this how the machine is expected to be used? i.e. Start with a cold group and pull 1 to 3 warm-up shots?


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Temps are measured so many different places it is hard to tell if this graph can be compared to those of the FLair 58/Robot, which appear similar. I wonder where the group probe is located.. because if 26C is the group temp, this must drag down the brew water significantly.. Since the group temp appears available, graphs of the brew water and group temp vs time might be revealing.


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Some guy was microwaving his beans to affect intra shot temp. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8okKbmK/


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ziptie wrote:However, he is looking into other options such as Orphan Espresso's Cremina pins.
https://www.orphanespresso.com/Olympia- ... _2084.html
Those are called Chicago screws. You can get them for a fraction of that price if you buy them in bulk.


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I nearly pulled the trigger on day 1 but the site went down.
I'm still really interested in this machine.

Between now and March I'll make some final decision.
I think it will hinge in whatever pressure profile the 8bar spring delivers.

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Some updates in most recent email (Jan 11).

Changing stepless temp knob to stepped to avoid inadvertent changes in temp caused by bumping;
Changing water line to achieve faster fill rates and reduce manufacturing complexity
Hired two part-time contract engineers to work on design details
Still projects April 2022 delivery
Predicting end of Feb for machines ready to send to reviewers


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So they're still insisting they're going to have units mass produced and delivered in 3 months when they don't even have the design details hammered out yet? I remain skeptical about this project.


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If you're looking for reasons to be skeptical you will always find them. An issue like a fill tube is much less consequential in the design than the boiler for example and should not add time to the manufacturing process. The issues communicated were about refining the end product. I suppose they could have left that to a version 2.0 release but nice to see they found a way to make it better after actual use.


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Where do I find this EAF/Argos discord server?

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Then when in the server, go to #lever-machines (channel) > odyssey-argos (thread)
60 percent of the time, it works every time.