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YeetSkeeterson wrote:I haven't purchased anything from China in almost half a year.
Why's that?

I'm eagerly awaiting Odyssey Argos, myself!


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I had a response typed but I can imagine it would be removed for being off topic.


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Or not following the HB guidelines...
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YeetSkeeterson wrote:I had a response typed but I can imagine it would be removed for being off topic.
Yeah, that's about what I expected. Or what the poster above said.

Anyway, apparently some big hurdle has been overcome on the tech side, so things are moving along with the Argos!


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I'm order 335. I was looking for used lever machine for home, most likely a La Pavoni, and saw a Youtube ad for the Argos, then stumbled on this thread. A second hand Europiccola would've still been a good deal cheaper, but I'm really excited to try out the Argos. I mostly do milk drinks (and having a home machine is a great excuse to practice my latte art) so that kind of limited the playing field for me. Really hope that Ross can hit the January ship date!

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It would be good for you to have an alternative in case he runs in to some transport logistics problem. For instance.

Meanwhile, how about a 9Barista? That would keep you going for a while. Very good machine, and not unlike spring lever machines in its extraction profile and taste signature. Or a Bacchi espresso? Both of these demand your attention while brewing, both prefer a good grinder, but you only need a stove top to make them work.
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To be honest, for things like this I plan for delays. I mean, I hope he hits that Jan date, but I set April in my head so I don't get frustrated if/when there are delays--everything is hard these days, after all.


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I have a machine at the office I can use on the weekdays, so I'm not too worried if the ship date slips. Honestly, I wasn't even too sure if I was ready to make the jump into home espresso until I saw the size / simplicity of lever machines. Variety's the spice of life and all that, right? :D


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His last blog post on his official website was five weeks ago and he mentioned that he had issues with the circuit board. Hopefully he'll update if he's making progress.

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There was a mistake in the BOM that specified a chip variant for the "wrong" thermocouple type. From what I understand, the proper chips have since been sourced.