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Wow. Nice to know they're in the three hundreds now. Thanks for posting that. Looking forward to your user experience.

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How do you guys do it when you suddenly realise you need to make another espresso after steaming milk? I mean... it happens.
Do you just wait or do you try to do something to make it drop in temp faster?

Edit: hmmm, watched the Odyssey Argos Multi shot workflow video and it seems he just bleeds the steam valve for a bit. Would have never thought it could be that fast! Maybe I am just a little scaredy dawg.
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That would be a crazy expectation! (his name is Ross not Scott)

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My order #319 arrived today, some assembly required lol - I did get the different spring options so I imagine I'll be putting it together and taking it apart all the time for a while at least. just part of the deal

Order notes - arrival came 829 days after order and six days after shipping confirmation. For comparison, my Kopi Deva arrived in 552 days, and the longest I've ever had to wait for successful fulfillment of a crowdfunded order was 2533 days. Keep hope alive

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Just a sexy little beast to make mornings mo betta.
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Been awhile since the last update from Ross. Curious to hear the latest!

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Lately it has been like, I hardly even watch for the green light to go on. Maybe we should, but really, it seems to pull an acceptable to great shot where I wait for the green or not. Especially true when pulling one espresso, then one more and steam for a cappuccino, then pull another again. It... just seems to work.
The only thing I would like is to have a combination of the LEDs turn on, middle green plus lower green when the temp/curve/gamma is low, middle green plus upper yellow when the temp/curve/gamma is high.
Like the old Nikon FM2, to pull a photography parable, where you knew you were underexposed if 0 and - was showing, and overexposed if 0 and + where showing - and on the spot if 0 only where showing.
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I didn't read thru the 27 previous pages, so pls forgive me if this has been asked/answered... But has anyone had the chance to verify temps using a scace or similar ?

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I believe Ross has that data. Fuzzy, but it might be in one of his videos;
I don't remember it. Perhaps someone on Discord, like Ross himself, could relay it to you.

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