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#81: Post by rolex »

I've also been tracking this machine and spoken to Antonio myself a couple of times as I was considering ordering direct here in Canada

He emailed me totally out of the blue this week to inform me iDrinkCoffee has entered a distribution arrangement for Ontario and they will have the machines very soon!


#82: Post by chex replying to rolex »

Wow that's exciting! CoffeeAddicts is offering pre-orders for the ACS Vesuvius Evo Leva, so looks like us Canucks are getting some decent lever options!

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#83: Post by TrampGeo »

Got an email reply from Antonio Nurri about U.S.A. Nurri TYPE-L availability yesterday:

"We're going to manufacture the first batch of 110V beginning of next year.
Meanwhile we're dealing with a nearby distributors and will keep you posted about that."

When I get more info I will post it here.


#84: Post by Primacog »

Hello TrampGeo.

I just got my Nurri leva so am still learning how to use it. I dont know if this answers your question, but my machine is plumbed in and the rotary pump is not bypassed.
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#85: Post by TrampGeo »

Thanks. Answers my question. Much appreciated.


#86: Post by ekhoo »

Just sharing that I also got my white (with zebrano wood accents/handles) Nurri Leva last week. First of the 8 imported units by Coffex Malaysia. It's a really beautiful machine and coming from a HX E61, it's quite a learning curve but I've enough dangerous friends with Londiniums, La Pavonis - I got help to pull a lovely shot. According to Coffex, the ones we got have been updated - from the earlier batches.

The PID is now configurable - but yeah, trust the Italians to make it difficult. Will be revisited later. Mine isn't plumbed but once I redo my kitchen, I may plumb for drain to make it easier to clean the drip tray. Two things that didn't match the pricing point would be the wood handles and portafilter baskets are not finished up to my expectation. If anyone knows what size VST or IMS basket can fit, do share. The tamper also has literally a large gap for someone coming from a IMS + Pesado 58.5mm.
Coffex is in touch with Antonio so we've given our feedback and hoping for some improvements!

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#87: Post by tompoland (original poster) »

Mine arrived this week...

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#88: Post by ekhoo »

That's a good place to keep the Acaia scale!!


#89: Post by Cuprajake »

the ims baskets will fit, i dont think vst do a 54mm, B662Th26M is the 16-18g basket, they do a larger one also

the bravo tamper will also fit the ims basket iirc 54.5 - 54.8mm


#90: Post by bakafish »

ekhoo wrote:If anyone knows what size VST or IMS basket can fit, do share.
I use IMS B662TH32M and a custom 54.9mm tamper, a custom dosing ring as well. Even I use only 14g beans, this set works very well. I use deeper basket because I don't want to see the dent on the puck caused by the wall of the shower screen.

I heard from the local distributor that users can choose 2 PID for the new batch, but don't know if we can use it for my previous batch.