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hi, we do our best to reply to any request within minutes from reception...of course it may happened that your friend's message did get a message in time. Please let me know his email account to sort out what's happened. thanks

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ciao, some of you have asked about machine size, here: the center-center feet distance is D 480; W 325. While the machine's foot print is W 580 x D 365


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Thanks Antonio. I told him to send you another email.
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Ad-85 wrote:My friend wants one but they seem to neglect emails. I am trying to convince him of getting the evo leva instead! At least they reply to emails.
I think it is normal for some emails to fall between the cracks for any company. For example I emailed ACS months ago to inquire about the vesuvius evo through the email supplied by their website and I never got any reply even to this day. On the other hand, nurri replied very quickly to my email to the email address supplied by their website.
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