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MBashir wrote:i understand what you mean, the companies that you have mentioned no one in one year put 3 different machines on the market, this sound very strange for me..
MBashir wrote: and speaking with a hungarian guy the live in germany finally i spoke about the Nurri leva, the first thing was, "bad experience" they got 3 machines and every machine had issue
Antonio has been working on the development of the Leva machine for a few years...not all in one year. And the Leva machine is just now pre-sales.
He has only one other espresso machine that I know of that is in development.
So, I believe it's a mistake to believe he is developing three espresso machine for the market.

The Leva machine, is just now in pre-sales. So your Hungarian/German friend may have had a Nurri machine that was still in development and for testing. I am also suspicious of a story that included Three machines..when there is only two in development. I would recheck the communication that was shared with you.

Also, I am fairly sure the Antonio Nurri is not manufacturing these machines in his studio apartment or in his own facility...
Most likely he is using a well established manufacturing facility all ready producing. This is obviously so, Looking at the quality of the Lever machine being shown in Milan


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probably everyone knows something. probably i'm wrong or you are wrong or both, in any case i'm a potential customer like others, it seems that you are involved more than a simple customer. in the beginning of August i'll travel in italy it will be and it will be a good opportunity to check what i hear and what you said and i'll let you know.


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i never said that i didn't spoke with someone in the trade show, i met a small guy that told me is an Antonio's partner, than he suggest to speak with the technician (not antonio) because antonio was busy. for sure what i asked was a bit stupid but i get my first impression, i met the other peolpe the day after in the other side of the place. At this point i have to ask you if you spoke with ACS, the trade show was very small so i think that you have enjoyed also a visit in the the ACS booth.


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Mbashir, I am not associated with the manufacturer and do not own a nurri machine and have not pre ordered one also so I don't have a horse in this race, but I posted what I posted because you shared the opinion of an anonymous person you met in the trade show who basically ran down nurri machines as being greatly overpriced for their fit and finish. So I think it was an entirely fair question for others to ask you if you had talked to nurri himself (or his people) and even more importantly did you actually try out his lever machine [u]for yourself first hand[/u]. Did you personally inspect one of his lever machines and try to use it yourself? If you found after such first hand experience that his machines did not have good fit and finish for their price level, then fair enough and you should by all means post your own experience. But if you have not obtained such first hand experience, don't you think that it is not a good idea for you to post that kind of second hand information? You could severely damage a new company's reputation if it turns out later that what you shared wasn't correct. There are so few companies trying to innovate new concepts for lever machines as it is ...I'm just saying the above as food for your thought...
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JoJo wrote:#Hugoni28
Is the Nurri Leva SA a fixed water and tank version?
If it is with water tank
could you take a picture
where the tank is
And how to open the lid for it

You can run the machine from a tank or plumbed in.

The water tank is on the top of the left side.

There's a metal lid.

(I think the metal door now has a hinge in the new version)

And when removed, you can access the lid of the tank.

You can fill the tank without removing it, or remove it quickly as it doesn't have silicone tubes.


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For the owners of a nurri L type lever, I have a question on how much depth in your counters is required to accommodate this machine - particularly for those who use a kitchen counter where the wall forms the back of the counter. In these circumstances, could you kindly let me know what is the minimum depth of counter space that is required to put the nurri lever machine on the counter? (Including the space at the back that's needed to adjust the pressure setting for the preinfusion pump)
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#47: Post by Shakespeare »

This lever machine designed by Antonio Nurri was at one time to have a more compact design.
For some reason, I'm not aware of, (maybe to handle the force of the large lever and group) the new machine design has developed into a larger-less compact machine.
I would not worry about the cabinet height or counter depth if this is important factor in your ownership and purchase requirements.
I do believe this machine will NOT fit under most kitchen cabinets' and will be to long for the average counter depth.

Edit: my comments above regarding size. We're only an answer to a previous question.
I still believe this espresso machine has much to offer and the added paddles are excellent additions.


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The machine is pretty deep. 22 inches of depth at the base front to back so depending on how much room you then want as extra I'd say you'd at least want like 26 inches of depth. Height wise the top of the handle to the base is about 32.5 inches.


#49: Post by Primacog » replying to Harrinpa »

Thanks for the info. How has your experience been with the nurri machine so far?
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GorchT wrote:Atleast on the Flex I can say more from a materials perspective it is better if it flexes a little. If the material is too hard they are more likely to fail in a catastrophy (really fast without a warning). This is more likely to hurt people. Therefore a little flex is good.
I had my Strega flexing a bit, and my Astoria Gloria does not flex, who cares?
I could bet a big money that Astoria is not having any catastrophe, even on far future ;-)