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I sense an opportunity for a Boston espresso gathering?

In the North End I frequently go to Cafe Vittoria. Yes, it's Lavazza and the machines they use are not remarkable. But for an Italian blend like this, it's prepared as good as you can get it outside of Europe. It's fresh, not overextracted, chocolately, just pleasant for the style.

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but the old machines they have on display are a little interesting
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Agree with drH, Cafe Vittoria knows how to pull Lavazza for that chocolatey espresso. I fondly remember the last iced americano I had years ago in the summer. I forgot they had vintage Elektras in the cafe. Might as well check it out as they're next to Mike's pastry! I miss the cannoli :D .


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drH wrote:I sense an opportunity for a Boston espresso gathering?

I'd be up for that! Not sure what it would entail. I know OI Man has interesting machines, and probably super powers. I just have a run of the mill e61 and a 2cd gen LPE, and just roast one SO at a time. You have Creminas!

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For those willing to venture into the Camberville area, Broadsheet Coffee is fantastic (no levers there, though). Their Ugandan Gamatui natural anaerobic beans are among the best I've tried this year.


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Again straying from the OP buuuutttt George Howell is in the Boston Public Market just on the outskirts of the North End. Great shots and great beans. Worth a visit anytime you're in Boston. They have a few other shops as well, the on near the Boston Commons park is the nicest and has the most to offer.
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