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#11: Post by maki »

alongside the lever i have a La Marzocco Linea, just because my wife does like how the lever looks, but not how it operates.

i would suggest smth with saturated group, PID. Decent Espresso looks pretty interesting.
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#12: Post by Fesoia »

Maximatic. I've a 2010 model and no issues after 9 years. A simple and very forgiving machine. In fact, i prefer it over Cremina.

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#13: Post by drgary »

Awhile back I heard that Olympia Express sells three times as many Maximatics as Creminas.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!


#14: Post by Fesoia »

I guess it's true. I've sold all my machines except Maximatic, Caffarex and Cremina. And Maximatic is my daily driver.

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#15: Post by doubleOsoul » replying to Fesoia »

You have an Olympia station too, huh ... lol!



#16: Post by Fesoia »

doubleOsoul wrote:You have an Olympia station too, huh ... lol!

Yes, except for caffarex, cremina and maximatic are the current models.


#17: Post by alfanutta »

I have several of each, Cremina, Izzo Alex Duetto (DB E61, PID) and a Maximatic.

I personally prefer the Cremina, it's simplest, easiest and quietest and take the least amount of space.

The Maximatic is such a small footprint for an HX and a very clever packaging job, but really expensive unless you go the used route. It does fit nicely in any kitchen and build quality is top.

If space is not an issue, while I like the Duetto, I think both the Rocket and Profitec product lines are nicer built, I've cut my hands often enough servicing the Duettos since they don't bother deburring any of the metal edges.

The Decent machine should be on the list according to friends, though I have no personal experience yet.
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#18: Post by alfanutta »

One more thing to note is while the Cremina and Maximatic are home machines and can be turned on/off as needed, the bigger pro-sumer (DB, HX, PID etc..) machines are best left on all day since they take about 30 minutes to reach temp. stability.
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#19: Post by nismo270r »

Definitely agree with alfanutta. It's hard to go wrong with the Cremina or Maximatic if size is a concern. The Maximatic is built like a tank, just like the Cremina and is a breeze to use.
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#20: Post by CoffeeCoffeeCoffee »

I have a new Cremina (2014) and an old Maximatic (1988). I can only agree with the positive comments on the Maximatic!
drgary wrote:The older Maximatics have a plastic water reservoir, but otherwise these are very solid, just like Creminas.
You can put a new Maximatic reservoir on an old Maximatic if the plastic reservoir bothers you.
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