New tamp-through funnel for Nurri, and other LSM baskets

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Jason Laube just sent me a funnel made for LSM baskets. I had sent him one of my baskets from my Nurri Leva S.A. and in today's, UPS delivered to me a perfect fitting funnel.
While the funnel isn't yet posted to his web site, I'm sure if you write to him, they will make one for you.

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Good work ****


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Looks like a good fit to the monolith grinder.

I use an off the shelf anodised aluminium funnel that was made by a local guy - it is probably less than a mm narrower than the rim of the portafilter but it fits well enough for me to tamp through it if I want to. I use a wedge distributor before I tamp thoigh so the funnel comes off before the tamping anyway for me.

How are you finding the monolith with your nurri? Is that a Max Flat?
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I too use a wedge type distributor. Mine was made by Escherlabs. ... ution-tool

My grinder is a MC 3 with the new Shurikone burrs. I think it pairs well with the Nurri.