New Profitec Pro 800 Didn't Start

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Hi comrades,
I am Abhishek from India. After spending the Nile's hours reading about machines, I took the plunge. Dan's review and him pulling shots on Profitec 800 was helpful in deciding. I have started a small cafe in a garage. I also roast coffee on Bullet. Idea is to focus on espressos and community.

I bought a Profitec Pro 800 (Old Version). When the technician came to install the machine, it didn't start. At first the pump didn't start, which didn't pull water into the boiler, which didn't switch on PID. After struggling for 4 hours and nearly dismantling the entire machine, he found a blockage in a valve. He started the machine, but the valve is yet to be changed.

The Indian distributor called up and assured that it is a routine thing. Profitec might have tested the machine, and since it didn't sell for 7-8 months, such blockages are normal.

Please help me understand if I should continue with the machine or ask the dealer to replace it? It was sad to see a new machine come apart like that.

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Hi Abhishek,

Just to make sure, you do have the machine running now? It seems really strange to me that a valve would become blocked after sitting in a box...

Was the valve in question the one whose purpose is selecting the water source?

When I last saw the manual for the Pro 800, the instructions for plumbing in vs reservoir were incorrect. There is the rocker switch in the front, which has little pictures next to it. But the valve in the back needs to be set to the correct water source as well.

It should be the OPPOSITE of the picture I posted here:
Profitec Pro 800 first setup - water source valve backwards?


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Hi Abhishek,
blockage/occlusion can happen even in a brand new machine, especially if the machine has been tested in the factory and then kept many months in the shops of vendors.
Even the rotary pump can get blocked by long period of rest, in this video a brief explanation to how unlock the pump safely.
Maybe your machine has nothing wrong, ( if now working properly) but i have not direct experience with such machine, so maybe others can give you better tip, in case try to use the "search" to find more info.

abhishacoco (original poster)

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Thanks for your prompt reply Gregory.

Yes, the machine is working now. The technician said that he would be replacing the distribution valve.

abhishacoco (original poster)

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The Indian distributor said the same thing about machine sitting for a long time. Thus, the blockage. The visiting technician will be replacing the 'distribution valve'.

The distributor has offered me to get the newer machine, but it will take a month to import a new machine.

Do you think I should continue with the existing machine?


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I want to use this thread to ask

Im planning to use the pro800 connected to the main after using 1 year filling manually the water tank. Any action to be done in order to keep the pump safely?

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abhishacoco wrote:The distributor has offered me to get the newer machine, but it will take a month to import a new machine.

Do you think I should continue with the existing machine?
By "newer" machine, do you mean the "Pro 800 V2" with wood handles and knobs? If so, I'd probably wait a month for that, assuming no extra charge.

But, if it's just an exact replacement, it sounds like you've had good support and there should be no issue continuing with your current machine. I probably wouldn't wait a month, each unit could possibly have different parts which fail earlier than others.

abhishacoco (original poster)

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Yes, the distributor has offered me the version 2, but I will have to pay the difference in prices.

As you said, machine should be alright, I would rather continue with this one.

Thanks you so much for the advice.


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personally If I was in that situation I would just use that machine and have the parts replaced.
Since these are fairly easy to fix, it shouldn't be an issue.
Might be a good idea to stock up and extra or two on those parts for future "issues".
That is a nice machine !!