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drH wrote:Most of all, definitely get a thermometer to monitor group temperature.
Yeah I need to order one of those stick on ones. I was trying to use an IR gun today but I think the material is too reflective to get a good reading.
pcdawson wrote:Orphan espresso makes a great dosing funnel.
Cool I'll check that one out!
Glacier21 wrote:Congrats! You may find you need to apply more-than-expected pressure to turn the portafilter into proper position at first. You'll know because you'll get water coming out top of portafilter. Don't stress, just nudge it a bit tighter. This goes away.

I thought I needed a bottomless PF, got the oem one and don't use it. Cerini suggested oem on rationale of keeping metal consistent (hardness, wear), which made sense me. Just my personal taste, but I get a lot of feedback from the lever, the visual/taste of the espresso and haven't missed having another thing to monitor.
No water squeezing out where it shouldn't, so I guess we are good. I wonder if as this PF breaks in if the dual spouts on the OEM basket would be perpendicular to the machine. Right now it's just a bit askew.

@Glacier21 I am going to be purchasing the OEM bottomless PF soon. Let me know if you'd like to sell your used one if you aren't using it.
JTom wrote:I too use paper puck screens which originally were Aero Press filters.
Interesting. Googling just now it seems the Aero Press filters are bigger than the basket. I guess they just get cut down to size?

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Congrats! Machine looks great and will be a source of great coffee and fun for years to come.

I like the Ipanema dosing funnel by Orphan Espresso. It is deep and allows me to WDT without spilling coffee since I like to updose to the max

As far as bottomless PF, bite the bullet and get OEM. I have the one made by Creative Craftwork which I got on eBay and it works but the fit isn't perfect and it feels like it grinds a bit and it makes me uneasy.
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