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Postby pinkselixir » Mar 02, 2019, 11:35 pm

Hi again.

Just another pic showing the new tap position. Just a 3d printed abs model to test things out.




Postby pinkselixir » Mar 02, 2019, 11:53 pm

DucaiMann wrote:I had the opportunity to meet Nigel this past week while travelling in New Zealand. The machine he has designed blew me away. The thought and time he has put into the machine shows in the quality of his initial prototype. We went through the inner workings of the machine together and I can say that I will definitely be getting one of these machines if for nothing but the workmanship.

The machine is on par with the Strietman machines in terms of quality, maybe even higher.

Sure, there is no heating element, but the amount of metal in the machine really helps
with heat retention, and it does make a damn good espresso.

Nigel is offering a beautiful machine that does not require a ton of force like most lever machines. It uses standard parts and even has a full size portafilter in a kit small enough to still travel with. No mess to deal with like the espressoforge, and no intricate process like the flair. Grind into your portafilter, preheat water and dump it in, flush, and fill with hot water again and it's ready. Just like most lever machines, you probably won't want to use this machine every single morning, but it is certainly something you will use on the weekends and when showing off to friends.

Put me on the list!

Thanks so much Eric for taking the time to come all the way downunder to visit us. It was great to make some shots together. Let's get one of these updated ones over to Lever Craft as soon as we can and i hope lever craft may be the focal point for this in the USA.


Postby pinkselixir » May 16, 2019, 1:31 am

HI all,

Well it has taken a while to get things back on track to make a few machines people can actually buy.

We are building 20 of the first machines. It looks like we are on-track to have these ones shipped in about 10 weeks, so we are looking at offering those machines to be reserved and pre-ordered ahead of shipping now. We will provide some progress updates and pictures of production and emails along the way

I just want to put it out there that we are looking into international shipping setup and requirements around that. This machine has had some cool mods and is far more hollowed out inside with extra machining to remove excess material. Essentially the only aluminium left either supports a component, holds water, or holds the portafilter, so it will be lighter as well.

The tap has been shifted lower so it holds all hot water above the lowest point which means the machine is full of a good quantity of boiling water all through the housing while you are using it. It will be more heat efficient. I just want to let you all know in case any folk here are wanting one of the first. They are finished as always to the same very high standard and stamped 1 - 20 as the first machines. It would be cool if one of them ended up in the USA somewhere to be tested by some of the most enthusiastic espresso drinkers. If you are interested you will note international shipping will be added in a few days and we are working on it currently. Post a comment below if you have interest as it would be good to know that internationally there is interest in this first run.


Thanks kindly
Nigel Pink