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sorrentinacoffee wrote:Klaus:

do you think the early thermosyphon single boiler machines had a lot of down time?
No, I don't think so. Why?
It seems about the only concern is the group head seals- and if the group head simply slides out- they should be relatively easy to maintain? Other than that you have one element, one pressure-stat and one boiler to worry about...
Actually that's a part, where most commercial hand levers are really nice to maintain - just turn off (and cool down) the machine and take the pressure of the system and you are ready to go. A few screws and you can pull out the head with spring and piston.
anyone on here had experience using a Faema Lambro? This is the latest small footprint lever to grab my attention (and rip the guts out of my wallet...). Whilst I wait for mine to arrive, a penny for your thoughts? Apparently this group can still be purchased...
That would be news to me - as far as I can see on the images it's a T1 aka Zodiaco group, one of the few commercial hand lever groups with a thermosyphon (but taking the water directly from the boiler). And afaik that's out of production long time ...
I had another idea concerning a boiler design- I think it should have a drain outlet at it's lowest point- for easy boiler water changing and flushing... what think you all?
I think that's a good idea, since the machine would have significant weight. But if you plan to plumb it, I'd use a T-piece for plumbing and outlet. Btw., I'd not make a valve for the outlet, but a blind cap - it's easier to seal it and stay sealed and you can't open it by mistake, not even partially.

If these pics are from your Lambro you got yourself una bella macchina, the boiler should be no more than 2 litres (compared to the 4.5 litres of my Export) - with that size I don't expect any quality problems with using boiler water for espresso.

About the sides: I think the photo with the pinkish kind of colour is off colour - I'd rather expect an intense red ...

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