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sorrentinacoffee (original poster)

#11: Post by sorrentinacoffee (original poster) »

That Aurora sure is John...

stunning machine. It actually looks much like the basis for what I am thinking of... I may have to make the trip, and thank you for the offer.

Can you explain the HX aspect of the later group? Of all the groups I have looked at is has one of the most compact and pleasing forms...

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#12: Post by peacecup »

The Aurora is beautiful...but its not a home lever....yet. If Jack can come up with a compromise, i.e. a commercial brewing machine with a home lever footprint, well then....

Since I have some seniority here on the lever forum, I hereby claim rights to an "exclusive test session" with the prototype... :oops:

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#13: Post by jmc »

See this thread
Clevis to Lever - further explorations in Espresso Space
for an explanation. If you compare the pictures in my post with those in Dr Jim's you can see the styling differences of the 2 models. IMHO the earlier machine is much better looking :lol: .

On "exclusive test session", I would feel that due to proximity I would have a better claim, but would not insist on exclusivity :D


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sorrentinacoffee (original poster)

#14: Post by sorrentinacoffee (original poster) »

Hello there John,

I agree the later machine is quite ugly. But the HX sounds very interesting.

How does your machine perform without it? Stability wise?

I also noticed that both machines seem to be fitted with some kind of PID/Temp additions? What's going on there? Is this something that should be built in?

as for who gets to use the prototypes first: don't worry- I will fly everyone who is interested to an espresso tech conference in the Caymen Islands or similar... all in the fullness of time ;-)

I found an image (in the lever gallery) of a machine that comes close to my concept: small footprint, professional lever (looks like the Aurora group?)- any one know much about this 'Regina':

come to think of it- the next machine in the gallery also appears to be quite small- the wonderful 'Urania'

would anyone familiar with these two machines? The Urania has a little brown knob beside the group: I am assuming this is for 'aqua' as opposed to 'vapore' but could it be to control the thermosyphon flow?

These two designs are leading me to the next question:

Boiler type.

I am definitely thinking plumbed and unplumbed possibilities. Also I am thinking 3 Liters? and I am thinking vacuum breaker...

as for form I am leaning towards a more upright style- like the Aurora machines- as opposed to the drum type shape of the PV's and Lusso's.

another thing to consider is how the sight glass should be- separated tube- or integral window? pros and cons...

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#15: Post by Bluecold »

Faema Venere is the smallest i know of.
Also among the rarest machines. Kent Bakke, Henk Langkemper and Enrico Maltoni are the owners of the only known Veneres and there are rumors of another one somewhere in Italy.
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sorrentinacoffee (original poster)

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ridiculous... 4 in existence? must have been a popular design? :roll:

Got a picture or link? and how was the coffee?

is it related to this:

this machine is amazing- and it has elements of the classic 'atomic' robbiati form...

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sorrentinacoffee (original poster)

#17: Post by sorrentinacoffee (original poster) »

I have it:


Who would have thought- have the boiler underneath...

I imagine this machine is larger than it looks? If the group is a commercial size?

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#18: Post by Espin »

sorrentinacoffee wrote:another thing to consider is how the sight glass should be- separated tube- or integral window? pros and cons...
Some part of me says that the sight glass should be within the machine, visible through a cutout window, and backlit with the pilot light(s) for "power on". A white piece of sheet metal (or a plastic light diffuser in a U shape around the back of the sight glass, or both) could make a quite nice visual effect.

Glass inside is better protected from breakage, yes?

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#19: Post by Bluecold »

You could drop Henk Langkemper a mail about it.
He owns one of the larger dutch espresso machine suppliers and are the La Marzocco and Wega importers in Holland.
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#20: Post by jmc »

When I first completed the reno it was overheating quite badly so I had some thin PTFE gaskets made up. These were replacements for the boiler/grouphead gasket. Through trial and error (thus the temperature probe) I've ended up with 1.7mm thick which has tamed the beast. It's now really stable and just as easy to temp manage as my La Scala Butterfly E61. Still, Brugnetti/Aurora must have had a reason to go to an HX on the later model and, if you can, you should too.

IMHO a large part of the attraction of lever machines is their simplicity - they do not have electronic or mechanical parts which are tweakable by the user. Any tweaking is done using the SKILL of the barista. The only reason I attached the temp gauge was to work out the right thickness for the replacement gasket and once that was done I've hardly turned it on.

Vacuum breaker is a must, the machine must be plug and play as many of your potential clients will not be as fanatical as the people here.

That Regina machine is beautiful and looks quite a lot like the early Boemma machines (and panel wise looks easy to manufacture)- it looks retro but still modern.

Site glass - use the simplest way to manufacture it. I think that having a large opening in the boiler is asking for problems in the future. Separated tube.