New La Pavoni Europiccola heat element removal.

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Hi, I have a 2016 Europiccola that's leaking from underneath the boiler. I removed the three screws holding the element, and seek advice how to remove the element? I saw many threads and you-tube videos of pre-millenial models, but couldn't find instructions for newer ones?


(Pic is prior taking the last screw out)


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Just pull it out after removing the last screw! Should loosen easily!

ehudco (original poster)

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Thanks, after some convincing it conceded :-)

Adding here in case it'll come in a search by someone - similarly to another thread I can't find now, I was not able to install the two gaskets, and just kept one at the top of the base. Otherwise there's not enough room to have pressure on the heat element seal. (I used an impact driver and a Roher oil filter wrench to tight).


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Great! As long as it's not leaking :)

You should however treat the rust on the inside of the base so it won't get worse!

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Scale and build ups will sometimes make the heating element flange stuck even after removing the screws, there is a little lip between the flange and the brass boiler flange, gently pry on it and the HE will "pop" out/up
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