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So I've dismantled the OPV and couldn't see anything untoward. With reference to the pictures below, can anyone make out if this is a valve with the anti vacuum function. I can't see any difference between mine and pictures of ones that supposedly have the anti vacuum function.

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I just recently bought a used Europiccola also 2015 model. Like the OPs the OPV isn't sealing properly - when under pressure, there would be audible hissing and sputtering.

I disassembled the OPV and it visually looked okay. I gave it a quick cleaning and citric acid bath and reassembled. I also used a bit of lube around the gasket and on the seat. This seemed to help a bit - the sputtering is gone, but there still is a faint hiss. I honestly can live with this (pulls a fine shot), but I'd still like it to be dead silent.

I'm probably going to take the OPV off again and be a little more liberal with the lube on all contact areas on the valve AND on the opening. Will report back if there's any improvement.

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Could be that the pressostat is not doing its job. Have you checked the temperature of the boiler to see if it's running hot/high-pressure?
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To MAXTHEDOG: Yes, yours is the valve with the antivac function. When working properly it should hiss a little when the machine is first heating up, then close and stop hissing. Sometimes they stick open and you can rap the top of the valve with a wooden spoon and it will shut. Sometimes you need to replace the valve or rebuild it with a new o-ring to make it start working properly. They are fairly inexpensive and probably best to just replace.

To vancy - - same advice applies to you. Liberal lube may make it stickier - just get everything clean and give it a very sparing coating to the oring and red seal. Try the rap with a wooden spoon trick. If that doesn't work and if you're confident the tiny oring seal is in good shape then it's possible that the pressurestat is failing or out of adjustment and that causes the pressure to go high enough to open the safety valve. The fix for that would require adjusting or replacing the pressurestat.
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