NEW KvdW Lever Group!

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BaristaBoy E61

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Looks like Kees van der Westen has come out with a brand new lever group!
Just received this in an e-mail.

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#2: Post by Nunas »

Do you have a link? I see nothing new on their website.


#3: Post by GorchT »

So it seems to have adjustable spring pressure. Which I guess is pretty nice, but sadly it will be most likely out of my budget for the next 5-10 years :lol:

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BaristaBoy E61 (original poster)

#4: Post by BaristaBoy E61 (original poster) »

Unfortunately I do not have a link at this time. I too checked their website and there was no info.

It does have an adjustable spring. Apparently, the lever won't cause injuries if it slips & no more sneezing. The shot can be ended at any time with no waiting to remove portafilter.
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#5: Post by JohnB. »

At the moment the only info available seems to be in their newsletter copied below:

Let's start this new year with a bang: The Slim Jim Idrocompresso is now ready to order!

We have always had a big soft spot for the lever groups. Shots produced with these are virtually always good - to excellent. Lever groups have the ability to be very forgiving, offering several combined technical advantages for a superior extraction. The old-style lever groups do however, possess some annoying characteristics. Therefore, we re-developed the system of the lever group, solving the drawbacks and high-lighting its magnificent virtues.


The new Slim Jim Idrocompresso offers a multiple boiler system: one boiler per group, PID temperature controlled, each fed with water preheated to near target temperature by a huge thermo loop heat-exchanger, equipped with automatic temperature adjusting. The lever group cylinder is completely surrounded by the hot water that will be used to brew (all around & underneath bottom). Temperature stability is magnificent.

There's a fully new locking mechanism in place. This new locking mechanism virtually eliminates the danger of a bouncing lever.

So, the old lever group's inherent danger to hit the barista, when accidentally bouncing up, is now history.

Adjustable spring pressure. Especially for the Slim Jim Idrocompresso we've developed a system with tools to fine tune the spring pressure.

This allows the barista to even out the extraction pressure between the groups.

Next to the big lever, there's an additional small lever next to each group to purge and clean the group screen. No need to pull the big lever anymore.

This same small lever can also stop extraction immediately at any time. The group lever will then quietly return to its resting position.

Just like with any Slim Jim, there's a shot-timer, that starts and stops automatically with every pull. The pressure gauge shows the actual pressure, right at the puck. When infusion is completed and the lever is un-locked, it travels back to its resting position at the rate of the extraction. Next to the obviously important theatrics, this provides the barista a clear view on how extraction is developing, even from some distance.

The Slim Jim Idrocompresso does away with the infamous 'sneeze" because of an automatic relieve valve, whether the shot stops by itself or by the barista. You can proceed with the next shot swiftly, no need to wait for pressure to vanish through the puck.

Finally, the machine comes with a regulating valve to adjust infusion pressure to your liking. If your mains pressure is not reliably stable, we offer a pump as an option.

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#6: Post by pizzaman383 »

This sounds wonderful!
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Team HB

#7: Post by dominico »

They first announced the Slim Jim Idrocompresso in 2018, I'm happy to hear its ready for production!

I can only guess at the price tag, or if a 1 group version will be available
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#8: Post by pizzaman383 »

There are more pictures on Instagram.
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#9: Post by naturalganja »

Wow, that looks beautiful!

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#10: Post by arcus »

Nice to hear that this is still alive!