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#31: Post by drH »

LObin wrote:If you like the LSM group (who wouldn't!), have you seen the Vesuvius Leva?
The upcoming machine is discussed in the latest Lever Mag edition:

I believe they are taking pre-orders at this time.
How can one order it, or get more details- I can't find it anywhere but on forums.


#32: Post by LObin » replying to drH »

You can try to contact HB member Ad-85. He's in the queue to get one I believe.
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#33: Post by Amberale »

You need to contact Paulo at ACS directly.
IIRC contact details are on the coffeetime forum.
There is no US model at this time but plans for one in the future so a 240v power source would be required.

JG (original poster)
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#34: Post by JG (original poster) » replying to Amberale »

Thanks, good to know - I'm in a condo building so 240v is out for now. I also looking to plumb in, and while I understand the reason Paolo has to run the pump regardless, I won't have that issue bc I need a pump to increase line pressure anyway and that will keep it stable where I want it. I'm also REALLY looking forward to the silent operation of a plumbed in lever.

Seems like Izzo is my only chance then for a LSM group, but I can't find a single one for sale in U.S./CA so I'll either need to wait until the end of '21 when vendors may have them back in stock or fall back on the Pro800.

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#35: Post by drH »

Don't know if this is accurate but the CC website doesn't say sold-out:

Also I did contact Paolo and he suggested there may be a 110v option this summer. Might be worth reaching out. Looks like an awesome machine.

JG (original poster)
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#36: Post by JG (original poster) »

CCS has two machines, one of which is the one I returned and both of which have the same issue. They say they fixed it completely, but to me they have a refurbished feel I'm not comfortable with. Mostly, I'm worried about sleeper issues that aren't obvious now.

The Vesuvius def has its perks, no doubt. And I missed that PI will be adjustable between 1-5 bar, a great plus.
My thoughts that rule even a 110v version out:

- first and foremost, cost: 3-4k €, plus tax plus shipping
- new item, reliability - may be derived from the pump version, but they did change the frame and other things that may affect reliability down the line
- if there is a more serious issue/return I would have to ship to Italy
- silent operation
- looks

My feeling is currently that I'd like to experience a simple lever first. If I had the $$$$ I'd probably go for the LR24. But then, I did just drill through my counter and purchased a custom tamper for the Izzo. In other words, stuck. The one thing I'm sure about is that I'm growing sick of the Silvia..


#37: Post by LObin » replying to JG »

I believe one of the two new ACS Vostek lever will be plumbed-in only. You could then use your new tamper and that hole in your counter.
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#38: Post by LObin »

What about the Londinium Compressa?
I don't remember if it was already suggested or not...
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JG (original poster)
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#39: Post by JG (original poster) »

I was thinking in that direction lately. Need to do my homework a bit more, don't know anything about it yet (pstat? PID? shipping cost?).

There is a user here that had a few issues until it worked, but I know reiss is on it so the only risk in case it has problems out of the gate is my (for me) untimely demise delivered by what is generally considered my better half.

Also, temp stability aside my reasoning for the Izzo against the Pro800 was that I'd like to have an Italian machine to begin my lever journey with.
Alas, one can't have it all and all of the above is better than the Silvia - 1st world problems.


#40: Post by mathof »

JG wrote:Also, temp stability aside my reasoning for the Izzo against the Pro800 was that I'd like to have an Italian machine to begin my lever journey with.
The business end of the Compressa (the group) is Italian. The rest is plumbing, which I believe is as well done in Birmingham as Italy.