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I'm new to espresso at home and dove into a Flair 58. Long story short: water just flows out and doesn't achieve pressure above 2 bars. I got a different grinder to obtain a finer grind, the Kinu m47 Classic, and the problem persists. I started grinding at 1.7, then 1.2, and then decided to ask for help. Thanks!

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Some questions...

When were the beans roasted? Do they have a roast date, or a use by date?

What dose are you using?

Riken49 (original poster)

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Bought the beans from a bulk container about 3 weeks ago, by a nearby roaster I've enjoyed for years. Dose was 18 g first try grinding at 1.7, 20 g second try with grinder at 1.2. No real change in outcome between those two. Roast is dark.


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In my few months experience with this a few things I observed if no pressure or low pressure.

a.) age of beans (but in your case this shouldn't be an issue)
b.) puck preparation (sometimes how heavy you tamp makes a difference)
c.) quantity of beans ( I stick to 18g but sometimes 17.5 depending on beans)
d.) the grind size (usually this the common culprit I observe), not familiar with the kinu but in my DF64, same beans batch opened within a week or two can vary from setting 10 (course) to 4 (finer)...

It is a frustrating experience but in time you'll overcome these issues..

Good luck !

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When it comes to freshness espresso is different than other methods. What is a bulk container? Are they stored in a barrel and you scoop the quantity that you want? Does it have an actual roast date? Is it stored in a somewhat airtight container?

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Hello Riken49,

I am using the same setup where I am right now and I assume that by 1.7 on the Kinu you mean: from 0 mark you moved to the number 1 and then in between the marks to 7.
I would recommend to grind finer, I noticed the Flair 58 requires a really fine grind, especially on older or lighter roasted beans.
Also, at 0, the Kinu does not lock, thus this is not truly 0.

Try to go finer, from 1.7 to 1.2 is not a "big" step, I have pulled shots in the 0,5 settings...

Also, are you using the high flow basket with the Flair 58? If so, try the normal one.

Best of luck and enjoy the setup, it makes lovely espresso.


Riken49 (original poster)

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Thanks for all the comments. For the grind size on the Kinu m47 Classic, I understand 1.7 means starting at zero, go ahead one full turn back to zero, and then ahead to the number 7. I based that starting point on a few entries on this blog. I guess I need to continue to experiment with finer grinds.

As for the bulk beans, they are in a vertical bin at the market. I don't think the roast date is posted, but they do move pretty fast, and I've purchased the same for years (but for an entirely different setup). And, they are roasted locally.

Please tell me what is the "high flow" basket. Two were included, one with straight vertical sides and one with sloping sides to a smaller exit grid. I've mostly been using the vertical one, and I'm not sure what difference that makes in the flow rate. Again, I've used from 18 to 22 g of coffee. And, I can't wait to experience that "lovely espresso!"

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Hello Riken49,

Yes, I would advise to set the grind setting lower on the Kinu M47.

Below a picture from Flair showing the standard and high flow baskets:

The vertical walled basket is the high flow basket.


Riken49 (original poster)

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Thanks, Lambert, I did not know the impact of the different baskets. I'll try the normal flow next.