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#1: Post by TigerStripes »

I saw the Manusso lever espresso on instagram and I'm really liking the design. They're in Indonesia, so not sure if it would be possible to get one in the States. Looks very attractive given that you can use any 58mm basket with it. Kind of like an industrial Streitman with a 58mm portafilter, and no electric heating. I'd love to get my hands on one or something like it in the US.

Has anyone seen one in person yet? Any thoughts?


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#3: Post by boren »

Looks like glorified Flair (which BTW is also working on a 58mm version).

Personally I don't see the attraction of 58mm and don't consider it an an upgrade over 49mm. If anything, it increases the chances of channeling (not that I don't love my QM Alexia EVO, but the portafilter diameter doesn't have much to do with it).

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I didn't know that Flair is working on a 58mm portafilter version. Excited to see more details on that!

I see it as an upgrade to the flair primarily because the workflow on the flair looks cumbersome and annoying. Making espresso already has enough steps, I don't want to muck around with multiple interlocking pieces. I have also heard mixed reviews about how the flair basket reacts to dosing - and there is currently no other basket options for using the flair. The manusso also looks more ergonomic in the videos I've seen compared to the flair.

I like 58mm baskets because that's what I'm used to, and I already have already invested in expensive accessories to use them.

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#5: Post by samuellaw178 »

There has been many iterations of manual lever machine over the years. One common drawback between all of them is the difficulty of getting the device up in temperature.

This one looks like there's a lot more metal in it (which would normally be a good thing, but not here...more mucking around to get the temperature up). Since there's no easy way to heat up the parts, my advice would be to stay away if you're looking for convenience and less steps. :)


#6: Post by LewBK »

Why would more metal here be bad while good on the Cafelat Robot, which is all metal? Also, 58mm is better in one regard--many more accessories such as baskets and tampers manufactured for that standard size.


#7: Post by cidadao »

if i'm not mistaken, the metal components in direct contact with hot water on the robot have a much lower thermal mass - fairly thin walls on the basket/cylinder combo. water off boil should still be within range for many roast types, with the robot. the manusso, with its separate basket and cylinder, is liable to lose more heat.

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#8: Post by Nunas »

Looks rather rough to me, what with all the exposed threaded rods and no pressure gauge. Kind of like a 9th-grade shop project. Where would one get replacement parts, such as seals?

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#9: Post by ira »

There was a thread about a machine from New Zealand with a similar but better thought out design, probably also 10 times the price. Pinks Espresso if you want to look. Not sure it was ever finished, but it was certainly interesting as a design exercise.


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#10: Post by samuellaw178 »

LewBK wrote:Why would more metal here be bad while good on the Cafelat Robot, which is all metal? Also, 58mm is better in one regard--many more accessories such as baskets and tampers manufactured for that standard size.
It's exactly as what Adam said above.

The Robot has less metal mass that is in direct contact with the brew water. Since Robot's basket also forms part of the cylinder itself, both parts (basket/pf & cylinder) can be warmed up simultaneously in a single step. On the Manusso, it looks like the cylinder is fixed to the structure and has some decent amount of metal to it. So not only you'd have to warm up the portafilter, but also the cylinder seperately. The OP said he's looking for something that is simpler than the Flair workflow-wise, I don't see how this could be simpler. But of course this is just speculation on my part based on the limited photos, I could be wrong. :D