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The Red Tube is what we carry and what I have used. One tube will last a lifetime.
Dave Stephens

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I just add Dow Corning to my line of product
big tubes and convenient small packet also
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KarlSchneider wrote:I have noticed in the past few days that my Elektra MCL feels as if there is some roughness in the piston movement. I also notice that on some shots the lever doe not rise slowly and steadily but rather rises in a jerking motion. I assume i need to pull the piston and clean the insides. I would welcome any suggestions on doing this. I would also welcome recommendations on what kind of grease to use and where one might get it.
Olympia recommends Dow111. It is readily available on the Internet. It is potable-water rated. And it has a HIGH MELTING POINT. Some food-safe lubricants will melt right away because their melting point is too low. Other food-safe lubricants are rated only for "incidental contact".


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We have Dow Corning 111 Lube available in 6 gram packets - anyone interested can drop me an email, or buy it from us on ebay.

Works great!


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Walter, Stefano, and Barb, please no more commercial posts. Thanks.
Dan Kehn

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My apologies HB - was just following the above line of posts - will refrain in the future!


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I have had exactly the same thing with my Microcasa. I used Molykote 111 (the UK name for Dow Corning 111).
Over the last 2 Months I have lubricated it 3 times. I think I was not using enough lubricant or it was being rubbed off inside the cylinder when re-assembling, and not lubricating far enough down to stop the juddering.
I have been using it everyday for the last few weeks and it seems to be working fine. :)
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