Looking forward to my Profitec Pro 800 - Advice?

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I have a Profitec Pro 800 on order and am moving up from a Rocket Cellini Evoluzione. Besides enjoying the new machine, are there any modifications I should make to it (such as silicone gaskets or other minor tweaks)?
Thanks in advance.

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I think it's helpful to set up a grouphead thermometer and use it for a while. Group temperature is what matters in terms of making repeatable shots, so it's good to get a sense of how boiler temps, flushes, and other stuff contributes to that. You'll probably be able to ditch the thermometer eventually (unless your machine is located someplace with really variable temperature or airflow), but it will help steer you straight in terms of warm up times and such.
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Yes, I am in agreement that measuring the group head temperature would be beneficial.
I read a number of posts on the type K TC. But I'm not sure on how to install them on the machine, nor what I need to display the temperature.
It would be great if you had some details on how to do this? Do you have an image of your set up with the temperature displaying?

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This is one I got off eBay-I checked and the seller isn't selling these kits anymore, but it shouldn't be too hard to cobble something similar together:

It's just a regular thermometer, not a thermocouple. You don't need super precision, just a rough sense of the group temp.
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I do something similar on my machine using a little magnetic thermocouple meter from thermoworks.

There's no real immediate benefit to moving to silicon gaskets, nor is there much of a benefit to moving to a "better" shower screen.

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#6: Post by pcdawson »

I also recommend a temperature strip for the group - I use this one from flair. I also recently replaced the steam knob with an ECM lever which I really love. It makes steaming while your shot pours easier.


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I would recommend a new shower screen - either the cafelat or londinium. The stock one doesn't give as much headspace from my experience.

You can get the silicone seals as well if you wish. Don't think it made any difference, but gave me peace of mind knowing they wouldn't harden and deteriorate over time like the stock rubber ones.