Looking for picture of older female barista using lever machine

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Good morning

I lost this picture and can't find it anywhere

It's a picture of an older female barista in Italy using a lever machine.


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This one?

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Not that but it's nice too

But still looking for the other one

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I only found a photo of the oldest barista in Milan (the beautiful lady she was 97 when she passed away this year after 77 year of work), but she is working/posing with a Faema E61, i think you can find it too googling "Lina Orsolina".

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I remember an image of a very small in stature older woman standing beside a two or three group lever. She may have been standing on a wood box to reach the lever handle. The image has been posted here, but I can't find it ...
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This link is not the original place it was posted on HB (which is in a thread about lever machine placement or the force needed to pull a lever I believe) but might be what you are looking for? :wink:

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That's it !!!!!

Thank you sooo much.

I had it in my favorites but couldn't find it

And I also had printed it but couldn't find.

I will save it and thanks again.

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I'll send you a picture of my wife. :mrgreen:
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Since 'Barista' is gender neutral. I want to share one of my favorite coffee images,

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Thats great!