Londinium Vectis espresso shot [video]

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Video by Conni Trommlitz
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As the Nurri, Vostok and ACS Leva seem to indicate an emerging trend towards E61 sized lever machines with lots of innovative tech, its nice to see a diminutive and simple machine like the Vectis appearing on the market.

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The first three you mention have LSM 54 mm setup.


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I was commenting on overall size rather than group head size.

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I tried out how fast it can produce back to back shots without overheating and that works very well.

7 shots in 14 minutes

That was using the fast etzMAX grinder doing grind by weight, no time consuming grinds distribution, just a few hand taps to let the 'mountain' of grinds flatten, then the quick automatic PUQpress tamper, locking in, pulling lever, count to ten, lever up, pulling the cup after about 30s when the stream turns to drip, pulling the lever a little bit to get lower pressure on the puck (avoiding the little explosion of coffee mud when taking out the PF too early), taking out the portafilter, rinsing it, back to the grinder etc.

The last two shots:


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The first video, the shot appears to pull in 17 seconds or so. Was that deliberate please?

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I know what the target price was. Has actual launch pricing been published, yet?
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@pizzaman383 I think the price was announced a week or so ago, at £1890 or so in the UK

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I do not think the GBP 1890 figure is accurate. What Reiss posted last week is GBP 1540 plus delivery and tax to applicable country.