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@aWud I actually did say that was the UK price. Perhaps someone could explain the import duties and approximate local sales taxes to a Brit! Shipping on an LR is another £172 or so (might be less on a smaller machine)

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daveyb wrote:The first video, the shot appears to pull in 17 seconds or so. Was that deliberate please?
I edited the shot.

Everyone has seen a typical espresso shot from first droplets sweating out of the naked portafilter's basket, to the first dark droplets splashing into the cup, the syruppy flow commencing, the multi coloured cone building, the blonding, the stream getting thinner and turning into yellow droplets hanging on...

That is not informative anymore I think although I may post one of those realtime full shots from weighing the beans to sipping the cup sometime when the light is alluring.

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Still not possible to judge a shotvideo by taste Frans. :( .
Maybe in 10 years.

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The Elon Musk coin inside our brains may provide the coffee taste sensation the moment we see brown stuff dripping or being pushed from a narrow cavity ;-)