Londinium Steam Tip Compatability?

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Does anyone know of any steam tips that are compatible with a Londinium L1 (pre-R version) from 2016, aside from what Londinium offers? Based on my Internet searching, the answer appears to be no; but before I give up, I'm giving it one more try before I plunk down $40 for one from Londinium ($11 for the tip - $29 for shipping!).

I only steam small amounts of milk (~120ml), so I want to dial back the power without turning down my pressure stat. Londinium's 2 hole tip sounds perfect; but, I just can't stomach spending $29 to send a tiny bit of metal. Reiss won't send it any other way.

Another person had asked on the Londinium forums, but Reiss said everything is proprietary and others are unlikely to work. So, I'm not hopeful, but figured it was worth asking.


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I pm'd you.


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Well that was easy. I found a tip.

This forum is great.


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If it works, don't keep it a secret.
I ordered the smaller 4 hole for my L1 since I was ordering other parts. I know the DHL express shipping is expensive but I'm sure he has tried other methods in the past that were too slow or items were lost. I think he finds DHL dependable and fast so he sticks with this option. It would be nice to have a slower, less expensive DHL option but it is what it is...
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Hey Roger, my secret is Michael, who happened to have one he wasn't using. Now fingers crossed that the two hole works for me.


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There was someone that installed a complete La Marzocco GS3 steam wand on it... I was looking at the parts list to do that as well... not that I use the steam wand much... but just because it would be cool to do it...

It is as simple as flipping the valve around and fitting the new wand. Instead of using the GS3 tip, he used the adjustable LW steam tip. And he reused the rubber heat protector from the LR instead of using one from La Marzocco...

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